Daylight Savings Time - When Do We Change Our Clocks?

We have all heard of it. Most of us participate in it.but what exactly is daylight savings time, and why do we have it? Though knowing what time it is everywhere in the world is always a monumental task, it is compounded by the different periods in which daylight savings time is observed in different countries. Still, the industrialized world realizes there are many advantages to daylight savings time.
When you must interface to society and the outside world, it sure is. However, gone are the days when we ate lunch at exactly noon. We tend to visit the restroom when nature calls, not when it is a particular time. In modern times, we seem to eat when we are hungry, watch TV when we want, etc.

IT Professionals will be busy ensuring that all systems that use time and scheduling are patched with the rules for the new dates and times for the DST changes. The majority of software and hardware vendors now have patches available to ensure that their software is compliant with these new changes. Patching of all systems will be a time consuming event and needs to be started by now.

While daylight saving time might be part of our culture today according to the "spring forward, fall back" methods of changing our clocks as the days become shorter, ancient civilizations adhered to the same type of principle on an annual basis, making sure there was plenty of time for farming, outdoor activities and other forms of sun worship.

Now that we're back to days with extended daylight hours, I have found myself really motivated to get outside more and exercise. Over the last two weeks, I've already ran three times, went snowboarding once in Big Bear, played tennis twice, and have taken my two furry friends to the dog beach on two separate occasions.

The Daylight Savings time can rip a hole in your competitions schedule right when their costs are highest due to all those things mentioned. Where many people will complain about the daylight savings time use it to your advantage.