Do You Feel Like You Get Enough Sleep?

When you start studying sleep, the first thing you learn is that the experts don't seem to know too much. Not as much as you'd think anyway. There is one thing they do seem to agree on: most of us are chronically sleep deprived. And chronic sleep deprivation can destroy your health.
People need sleep to survive and getting enough sleep should be a concern for everyone. Every person is different and we all need a different number of hours of comfortable sleep to be rested the next day. Some are happy with 4 hours, while others need 6 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sometimes it's not the number of hours as important as having quality sleep during those hours.

Avoid having a TV or your laptop in the bedroom. These are just distractions that will keep your brain busy and will not let it succumb to that needed state of relaxation that starts sleep.

In addition, a lack of sleep adversely affects both memory and concentration, which can negatively influence a person's job performance. And the list of problems caused by lack of sleep goes on and on

The best time to do your fifteen minutes of relaxation is just after you wake up. Another good time is fifteen minutes before you go to sleep. Make sure it is just before you go to sleep, not before you go to bed. Then pick a time in mid afternoon, where you can get comfortable.

Getting enough sleep is something we all struggle with but I hope this article has gone some way in showing you just how much of an impact this could be having on your gym efforts.Work on improving the quality of your sleep first and foremost. Set aside some time to pay off your sleep debt and then work out your specific sleep requirements. Ensure you're getting the required hours of solid sleep each and every night.

During deep sleep your body is also able to produce large amounts of growth hormones which enable it to rebuild the muscles you have worked hard during your Storm Force Fitness training sessions. Increased muscle building means a greater muscle mass and a higher metabolism.

Anxiety and stress much life impatience, due to compromised coping skills, stress and anxiety build up. In fact, anxiety and stress are the number one reason people don't get enough sleep to begin with, thus creating the endless sleeplessness spiral.