How to Improve Posture While Sleeping | Improve Your Sleep Posture

Do you know what the best sleeping posture is? If you want to find out the answer, continue to read on because this article will explain the right and the best sleeping position that is suitable to you.
If you are sleeping the wrong way, it can place strain on the sciatic nerve causing you to wake up in severe pain. Sleep is the only time when we are not aware if our bodies are in pain, until we wake up that is, but by then the damage is done and we have just put hours of stress on ourselves without realizing it.

Side sleeping can really be helpful to improve our sleeping posture. According to Sleep specialists, Sleeping on the left side is beneficial because that puts less pressure on our body organs.

If you are a side sleeper, you should first notice that some side positions torque the spine. That may feel good at first but not over the many hours of sleep. Side sleepers should keep their spines as horizontally straight as possible. Putting a pillow between your legs is one way of offsetting the drag of your upper leg on your hip and spine. Again, you will have to experiment with the thickness of the pillow. You don't want to elevate the leg above the hip. Women need this more than men because of their natural curves.

Physiologists advise that one of the best sleep postures is the underused "fetal position." Common to babies, this position calls for the sleeper to form their body as if he was an infant or fetus and hold a pillow between their knees to relieve knee-to-knee pressure. Another option is to sleep face up with a pillow or towel placed below your ankles. Both are acceptable and equally efficient.

Sleeping on a firm mattress also helps flatten your back but be sure that your bed is still comfortable enough for you to sleep and not rob you of the time you need. You wouldn't want to keep tossing and turning all night because of discomfort. Find the right balance for you to achieve our purpose.

A firm mattress or a bed board should be used when suffering from back pain. For people who like to sleep on the side, put a pillow under your head and one between your legs before bending your knees, and for those who sleep on the stomach, one pillow should be placed under the abdomen and none under the head for best sleeping posture. Back pain can make it hard to get a good night's sleep.

For men it is best to sleep on their right side as this reduces pressure from the heart which is better than sleeping on their left. Men should also slightly curve their back which relaxes the spine and place a firm pillow between the shoulder and the head or rest their head on their forearm.

Lying on their stomach, or mostly on their stomach, with the head turned to one side setting on the pillow. Arms may be pointed downwards along the sides or place up around and hugging the pillow. Although one of the most favored positions for its coziness. Unfortunately, this is an awful pose for the lower back as well as the neck. In order to to breathe you have to angle your head sideways at a right angle from front which places a great deal of tension on the neck. You may also find it extra pressure on the abdominal muscles.


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