Natural Remedies To Cure Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis needs long and regular treatment as this disease is mostly realized when it starts causing serious damage to the health therefore natural remedies are preferred over other medication.
Dynaria root also called dynaria fortune is used for kidney nourishment and bone strengthening. Redinclover or trifolium pratnese containing isoflavons that may help prevent the breakdown of existing mass of bones. These two herbs have been widely and effectively as a naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis.

Immediately start taking the high quality supplements which includes: a comprehensive blend of bone minerals, including: calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron and other vital trace minerals; vitamin D3, sufficient dose to reach a blood level of 50-60; & vitamin K2; take 15 mg, 3 times daily.

Use of calcium supplements can really help you to fight this condition. Before you take the calcium supplements it is highly essential for you to consult your physician. A written prescription should be provided by them if they have given you calcium supplements.
One excellent advantage of this drug is that it does not have any hormonal reactions. It has been seen that many drugs have some side effects on your body, but if you are using Fosamax then you do not have to worry about hormonal reactions.

Brussel sprouts should also be taken regularly. This is packed with Vitamin K which can prevent the deterioration of bone density.

Vitamin D is essential because it helps the body absorb calcium. You may have a vitamin D deficiency, perhaps because of inadequate exposure to sunlight, and this should be rectified by allowing 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight onto arms, legs or back daily, although the exact exposure requirements do vary depending on geographic latitude, darkness of skin and even air quality. You should take care never to burn. Do not take too much vitamin D. Taking high doses of vitamin D may be harmful and a dose of 400 IUs per day is adequate for housebound elderly people.


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