Natural Ways To Treat Ringworm | How to Treat Ringworm

Ringworm on the feet is commonly called athletes foot. This can come from locker rooms, public showers or wet areas at your home if someone else in the home has it. Protection can be effective with shower shoes or water shoes. It appears that wrestlers are especially susceptible to ringworm.
Soaking the affected area in vinegar, or applying a vinegar soaked cloth to the area will help stop the itching quickly. At the first sign of an itch, reach for the vinegar and you should notice it go away very quickly.

One way to treat ringworm is to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. You then must apply it to the infected area several times throughout the day. This has been one of the oldest, most effective, and most common home remedy for this type of infection. Apple cider vinegar kills fungus naturally and will match the pH levels in your skin; this helps clean the area and kills the fungi within hurting your skin.

The best way to ensure the ringworm fungi are destroyed completely is to apply the medication for two weeks. During this time, the rashes, bumps, scaling and lesions usually disappear. The improvement may be misleading, however, because oftentimes fungi are still present.

If you want natural ways of treating ringworm, there are some home remedies that you could try. Though not scientifically proven, they may sometimes get to cure the ringworm infection. Some of the examples of home remedies include vinegar, garlic, ginger, lemon, iodine, salt and even vicks vaporub. These treatments can minimize the itching and also aids in the healing of the skin affected by the ringworm.

Mustard seeds are effective in curing ringworm. You can make a paste of mustard extract and apply it on the lesion. Or you can slice the seed and rub it directly on the damaged skin. However, you need to be careful not to cause wounds on the damaged skin area to stop the spreading of the infection.

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A combination of a cream and oral medicine sometimes does the trick, but there are a lot simpler ways. One of those ways is to simply create an environment, where the fungi cannot live. The fungi need acidic Ph levels of the skin, and that is largely determined by your diet. It is extremely easy to create an unsuitable environment for the fungi, and they will be permanently gone in a matter of a few days! That's how you need to treat ringworm, if you want to be permanently free of it!

For ringworm in hard to reach areas like the scalp or in the nails, oral medications are also very effective. Oral medications can go where topical treatments can't, so this might be the best choice if you have ringworm in very hard to reach areas like the skin under your nails and your scalp.