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Migraine is a serious neurological disorder that affects millions of people around the world. It is very painful and becomes debilitating when the sufferer is unable to accomplish his normal daily activities due to the pain felt during an attack.
It is better to have a bottle of water always at the workplace. Every time one gets tensed it results in a bad headache. Hence it is better to have some cool water each time one gets tensed about work. This not only cleanses the body system but gives the brain time ample time to react to the pressure thereby helping to get rid of migraines.

Some of the pills recommended for migraines may also be used for other conditions that are similar to migraines such as ibuprofen or aspirin for simple headaches. Some of the known migraine medications are antidepressants, narcotic pain relievers and anticonvulsants. The intention of these medicines is to target the pain trails connected with migraine headaches.

Breathing regulates the inflow of blood and hence the oxygen supply to the brain and head region. Breathe slowly and deep so that it relaxes you.

There has been interest in recent years about the connection between migraines and PFO's or patent foramen ovale. This is a small hole in the wall of the heart between two chambers that pump blood. We are all born with this, but in about 80% of the population, this hole closes spontaneously. In some migraineurs, the hole is still open.

Alcohols and some food additives also contribute to the rate of migraine occurrences. In general, women are more at risk in having migraines due to menstrual period. Some women also note that crying may also lead to migraines. The cure to migraine does not eliminate these triggers, rather addresses their effects so that the person may be exposed to these factors yet may not have this hindering illness.

With increased technology and pay structures in almost all the fields, the stress levels of the human mind also increases. As stress levels increase, the probability of migraines also increases. To combat the stress, it is better to deviate one's mind through yoga, meditation, physical exercises and listening to soft classical music. Some simple breathing exercises increase oxygen intake and blood circulation in the human body.

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Top Best Methods To Cure Migraines

It is worth experimenting with caffeine. In the right quantities caffeine can increase blood flow throughout your body allowing oxygenated blood to flow to the point of pain. Many doctors prescribe medication with a high caffeine content for this very reason, if this method interests you do consult a doctor first to make sure you get the amount of caffeine correct.

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