Top Best Methods To Cure Weak Memory | How to Improve Your Memory With Food

Many people overlook important things or even misplace stuff. Yet forgetting current situations, your friends and relations can be a worrisome problem. It is said that growing older will result in weak memory. On the other hand, there are other elements that lead to memory decline and they, too, demand immediate treatment.
Sage- It is the best herb to treat memory loss or weak memory. It is advised that a tea prepared using this herb should be consumed daily to strengthen the brain nerves and alleviates mental tension or stress.

Vitamins- Intake of vitamin B complex and compounds like 5-hydroxytryptophan, acetyl L-Carnitine, phosphadyl-choline and DMAE are quite useful for treating memory loss.

Herbal supplements- A wide array of herbs like gingko biloba, have observe that shown aid to enhance memory retention.

Exercise regularly- Exercise keeps the body fit and this also includes the brain. Exercising regularly will help in toning the muscles as well as the cardiovascular system and also helps in improving memory and concentration. To help improve the memory power, practice any activity such as swimming, running, riding a bike, dancing or walking.

Rhyming- Rhyming is yet another method for expedited retention of memories. Your brain can relate to rhymes more easily making memorization easier as well. Memorizing the initial lines is all that is required because the rest just falls into place automatically.