Dieting Myths That You Should Know | Busting Diet Myths

Eliminate all Fat from the Diet

It has always been believed that fat from food becomes fat in the body. This is one of the more reasonable sounding dieting myths but eliminating all fat from one's diet will do more harm than good. The body relies on fat for energy, tissue repair and vitamin transport. Without it, the body's various systems will shut down. Instead, keep away from saturated fats and get a healthy dose of unsaturated fats.
You shouldn't eat before going to Bed

This is true because it can ruin your sleep, but it's not true in terms of weight loss. This diet myth is considered by many experts to be totally unfounded.

A little Sleep is all that is Needed

To improve and protect your health, to lose weight, to burn fat, to build lean muscle tissue, and to have natural energy all day long, you must get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Otherwise, the exact opposite of what i just mentioned will occur.

Stay Away from Bread and Nuts

Carbohydrates are the foundation of the food pyramid and they are essential to a healthy diet. However, if you load up on white bread and pasta you aren't getting the full benefits of whole grains. Eat bread just make sure it is made from the whole grain.

Cholesterol is Evil

All cholesterol is bad. This is not so. Not all cholesterol is bad, which is why this in one of the trickier dieting myths. Low Density Lipoproteins are the bad cholesterol which block the arteries and cause heart disease. High Density Lipoprotein on the other hand builds cells and creates important hormones.

Carbs are the Enemy

Some carbs are good and some are bad. Try eating complex carbs like whole wheat bread, wild rice, whole flour paste. Carbs are an essential part of any diet.