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Most people suffering from high blood pressure tend to spend a lot on prescription medications and maintenance drugs. In most cases, there is really nothing wrong with high pressure medication, except, of course, your medical bills. However, there are also people from whom high pressure medication side effects can be pretty severe. The good news is that there are foods that lower blood pressure naturally.
A diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables is very helpful in fighting hypertension. But you don't have to become a vegetarian! Not by any means! Lean meats are fine, and poultry and fish are excellent components of the right eating plan. Blend in some grains, nuts, and seeds also. Some of these contain natural portions of potassium, fiber, and magnesium and naturally ingesting these is very helpful.

Salmon and other types of fish containing Omega 3 fish oils are some of the best choices you can make when using diet as one way to help lower your blood pressure. Don't eat these foods more than twice per week because they contain high amounts of mercury.

Bananas and red grapes are heavily loaded with glucose for energy and erosive potassium against fats coating inside the vascular walls. Some people are sensitive to high sugar levels. It's bad for them to take too many daily but doing all good if the number is limited to one or two everyday. Banana is a good diet since the potassium content acting with sodium regulates viscous flow of the blood by diluting.

Artichokes are natural diuretics which means that they help to flush excess sodium out of your body. This means that your arterial walls can expand more easily and hence your blood pressure will drop.

Beef up on potassium-rich foods that lower blood pressure. Foods items that are rich in potassium are fruits and vegetables. Don't depend on supplements for potassium and other important nutrients for the body.

Garlic is one of the most powerful foods that lower blood pressure on this list, and also easily the most versatile. Garlic acts like a natural blood thinner, and can also be useful in preventing blood clots. Garlic can be added to just about any savory recipe for a bit of added zing, or it can be roasted to the point where it becomes sweet and spreadable.

When searching for foods that lower blood pressure, fats cannot be ignored. The body needs fats in order to process certain nutrients, and a certain amount of fat is required for survival. Fresh fish is best to get the maximum benefit of the omega 3 fatty acids they contain. Sushi and sashimi are great sources, but tuna salad made with low sodium pickles and a little olive oil is also simple and much more accessible.

Dark Chocolate contains Polyphenols is also one of foods that lower pressure. This is an important class that contains bioactive phytochemicals. Studies have shown that this can prevent vascular disease or heart disease. In order to keep your blood pressure low, it is best to go with the real dark chocolate. Coco powder that is natural and unsweetened can be used. So can Coco Powder that has less calories, sugar and fat in it.

You might consider this as a good tasting substitute for your existing cooking oil. It can lower your b.p.

Sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of magnesium. These seeds are also rich in phytosterols which can help to reduce your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels in your blood can cause your arteries to narrow, and become restricted which will raise the level of your blood pressure. You could even end up suffering a heart attack or a stroke. Just remember, given that sodium (salt) is not good for your blood pressure, only unsalted sunflower seeds should be eaten.

Skim milk provides 2 significant ingredients to your body that promotes your health. Skim milk contains calcium which fortifies your bones. It also contains Vitamin D. These 2 ingredients together help reduce your BP by approximately 3%to 10% In terms of statistics it might not mean much, but the beneficial thing is that it helps scale down cardiovascular disease by up to 15%.

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