The Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds | Reasons To Eat Watermelon Seeds

For Erectile Dysfunction

Watermelon has unusually high levels of an amino acid known as citrulline, a phytonutrient that helps to relax and open up blood vessels, thus promoting blood flow of blood to the penis. For this reason, research has shown that this fruit may have similar effects on blood vessels to Viagra.
Citrulline is used by the body to produce the amino acid, arginine, which is a precursor for nitric oxide, and nitric oxide assists in blood vessel dilation.Watermelon contains a compound called citrulline. This gets converted to arginine in your body through enzymatic action. Arginine is a pre-cursor to nitric oxide. It helps blood vessels open up so that more blood can get into Corpora Cavernosa resulting in harder and stiffer erections.

For Blood Pressure

Another home cure for high blood pressure is watermelon seeds from which a specific substance is extracted which is said to have a definite action in dilating the blood vessels. Watermelon seeds can also be taken in roasted and dried form. Rice is also used for lowering hypertension because rice has a low in salt content, cholesterol and fat content. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you are advised to eat a low or no salt diet.

For Hypertension

Drink watermelon seeds. Crush or blend two teaspoons of dried watermelon seeds and then put them in a cup of boiled water. Leave them for one hour and then strain them. Drink the watermelon seed tea half an hour before each meal. This can also improve kidney function so you may also be using the bathroom a bit more than usual.

Watermelon increases the secretion of urine and helps eliminate impurities in this way. It is highly recommended for patients with prostate, kidney and urinary tract infections. It has few carbohydrates The fruit is recommended for patients with diabetes, hypertension and obese due to their low calorie and low carbohydrate content.

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