Tips on How to Treat Acidity | Heartburn Trigger Foods

A proper sleep schedule is also equally vital. Make sure you get regular and sufficient sleep hours every day. For GERD patients, it is recommended that they elevate the head of their bed by at least six to eight inches.
This can be done by getting beds with elevate features or just by placing something underneath like pillows or mattresses. This elevation makes sure that there is no backflow of acids into the esophagus. It has also been found that sleeping on the left side provides relief from acid reflux.

Take betaine hydrochloric supplement or hydrochloric acid supplement. This can be purchased at health food stores without any prescription. You can take more than one capsule, until it reaches a point when a single capsule will suffice to alleviate even the slightest burning sensation that occurs. This supplement also helps in the digestion of food since it is capable of killing the helicobacter pylori strain.

Eat small, light and frequent meals, avoid large meals and do not eat anything 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Many herbal remedies are taken in the form of teas, simply grinding up some of the herb and brewing it in some hot water for a few minutes will make an effective remedy. Root ginger and fennel seeds are just two that are commonly used to make teas. Another excellent herbal remedy is cider apple vinegar. Just take a tablespoon of the vinegar two to three times a day.

Foods that trigger acid reflux are acidic foods like tomatoes, lemon juice and citrus fruits. Additionally, caffeine may be responsible for the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter. Other foods that may aggravate the condition are mint, onions, garlic, spices, chocolate, sweets, fats and alcohol.

While some people have found that certain foods seem to trigger acid reflux, the triggers are not the same for everyone. Furthermore, some research has shown that the type of food a person eats is not what matters. Rather, it is the amount of food that is eaten that leads to problems.