Top Bachelorette Party Ideas | Unconventional and Awesome Bachelorette Ideas

Dinner with family and friends: You can gather those ladies closest to the bride to be and enjoy a nice meal together for this bachelorette party idea. If you have the financial resources, why not treat yourselves to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant? If the bride to be isn't that fancy, perhaps a pot luck supper at someone's home will be perfect. You can play some bachelorette party games together while enjoying the company of family and friends.
Game Night: The best thing about this family friendly party idea is that you can play any kind of game (or games you want). Do you enjoy playing Gin Rummy? If so, you can have a Gin Rummy party. Like playing Twister? Break out your game and play it. The menu for this party doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate. Finger foods like pizza rolls and cut up fruit and cheese, and snack foods like chips and pretzels are all you will need.

Makeovers: Makeovers are great bachelorette party ideas because the most important thing for girls is to look and feel beautiful and what a better time than now when a wedding is near. You can have a professional make up artist come to the party and give you the best looks you can possibly have.

80s Party: Go in theme decorate 80s, play 80s music, and have guests dress up. Even if you go out afterward to the bars - rock it like it's 1985 and keep the theme going or even go to an 80s bar.

Halloween Themed: Halloween themed bachelorette party would be a "spooky" way to give your bride a fabulous send-off. The first idea to a great party would of course be the costumes! Everyone needs to break out their sexiest, most fabulous costumes and get ready for a night on the town. You could even do themed costumes, like have the bride dress up as a little devil, complete with horns and a red veil.

Night Of Feature Films: Another unique bachelorette party idea is for the maid of honor to host a movie night. The hostess rents plenty of movies to select from, and stocks up on movie theater style goodies or creates a menu of hors d'oeuvres. This could be the bride's last chance to sit around with her friends watching "chick flicks" for a good long while. This is a fun, safe, and relaxing way for the women to get together to talk and have a good time.

Pajama Party: Slumber parties were fun when we were younger why not have fun at one as an adult. Have guest dress in there favorite pjs and enjoy a night of movies, junk food and girl talk.

Bring Out the Games: Bachelorette parties are a great way to plan a variety of fun, silly, and outrageous games that allow a bride to relax as she approaches the big day. Bride gift bag gags and games may include seductive and over-the-top lingerie, dressing up and hitting the town in flashy attire, creating T-shirts with funny sayings and personal messages, and playing pin-the-tail on the husband type of games.

Wine Tasting: A weekend at the vineyard with a few bottles of fine wine and the company of your girlfriends is all you need to let the laughter and conversation unfold. Napa Valley is the most famous vineyard but if you don't want to travel too far check your area for a local vineyard.