10 Ways to Beat the Blues and Find Happiness

When does one feel the blues? Psychologically speaking, it is more about that one moment in our lives when we let go and are unable to get back in control. Of course letting loose is not a bad thing, so to say. But once in a while, one tends to veer away from the set patterns of behavior and simply lay afloat.
You will find numerous ways that will tell you to typically take a long-term course of action. On the other hand, dealing with that one critical moment is crucial. Therefore it becomes even more important that you must swim through the conundrums in one’s own head first and then adopt a newer set of course.

The following points will take you through multiple options that can be chosen at that very moment:

Physical Engagement

Be it dancing or working out in any manner possible, it has been tested and proven time and again that when one engages in any form of physical activity that not only stimulates the various faculties of the physical body but also relaxes the tense brain cells.

To Do What you Always Wanted To

Are you one of those who have been contemplating a job change or reading War and Peace for God knows how long? Well, then why not now?

Test Yourself

Getting clinical help can be important and an imperative in some scenarios but here it is more about testing your own boundaries. Experiment, live a little…haven’t you heard about the pop-culture reference – YOLO. Well, you do live only once. So, take that hiking trip with your painfully annoying cousin who once may be hit on you. Also, remember you are not vulnerable so don’t be afraid.

Pamper Yourself

Do you remember how much you have been ignoring yourself in the past few years? Isn’t this true? In any case, this is your moment to scrape off the layers and emerge out fresh and rejuvenated. Oh, also do you like those spa centres in Bali and Kerala, guess what, they are there everywhere in the city, so why not pay them a visit.

Converse and Interact

It is believed that the best things in life happen over a cup of coffee, so why not take your long lost friend along and eat that popular fish dish in a fancy pan-Asian restaurant. If you don’t like that sit in your balcony and catch up.

Express Yourself to the Limit

Sometimes all that one requires is to scream our lungs out or cry your heart out.


It is said that laughter is the best medicine. Well, in this case, meditation is the next best one. There is nothing like re configuring your inner system and calming yourself. 

Take a Shower

Luke warm water, some froth, a bath tub and a bubble duck. Just pamper the inner child, and let it loose for a while.

Be Alone for a While

Comfort yourself, be the one whole spirit that you are. It is believed that solitariness helps you realize your inner capabilities. Take it from there, and work at your full potential.


They say time heals, and the best way to let time pass is by sleeping. Take a nap and let time take its course of actions.

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