5 Delicious Vegan Sandwich Recipes

vegan sandwiches.jpgSandwich is one of the healthy dishes to have. It is oil free, light weight and has healthy vegetables in it. It is considered to be one of the good meals to have in breakfast. Vegans are those people who do not consume any dairy product or any eatable related to animals. So, here are some of the best sandwich ideas that can prove very useful for new vegans.

One of the healthiest vegan sandwiches can be made by using natural ingredients like hummus, yellow mustard, baby spinach, lettuce, whole grain bread, tomato, kosher salt and pepper. In order to make this recipe, you have to toast the whole grain bread slices and spread hummus over it. Further, you can add mustard on it. After this, place the slices of tomato and avocado by sprinkling salt and pepper on it only if you want. You can also add some other green vegetables also on it. To enjoy more taste, you can squirt the slices of avocado in lemon juice also.

new vegan idea for sandwich

Second vegan recipe will need thinly sliced avocado, cucumber and tomato. Also, you will need finely chopped onion and lemon juice. To make the vegan sandwich, you need two bread slices and spread hummus on one slice and spread basil pesto without parmesan on the other slice of bread. Then spread some olive oil and salt on vegetables. To add more taste, you can also add red chili flakes on it. Then, keep the layers of these vegetables on slice of bread and above it, keep some finely chopped onion on top after sprinkling some lemon juice on it for more taste. Keep other slice of bread over it and serve.

avocado and bean sandwich

Third one is mushroom vegan sandwich. In order to make it, you need finely chopped onion and have to cook it on medium heat for some time. After they become golden brown, you have to add some vinegar to it and allow it to cook for five minutes once again. After it, cut mushrooms in thin slices and also cook it for some time by adding some rosemary into it. Then take two bread slices and spread olive oil on it and roast it on pan. Further, apply tomato relish on one side of one of the bread slice. On top of it, keep cooked onions and mushrooms on it and add some Tartare sauce on top. Keep the other slice of bread on it and serve.

mushroom vegan sandwich

Here comes another new vegan idea for sandwich. For this, you have to blend some organic fufu, some milk, turmeric powder, salt, chili powder, yeast and some flour. You can also add garlic powder to enhance the taste. Now, simply toast the bread and apply this smooth mixture on the slice. Also, heat some of this mixture in an oiled pan for approximately 3 minutes per side. Keep this fried mixture on bread slice and keep some green veggies on it. Cover it with another bread slice and serve it.

avocado, cucumber and tomato vegan sandwich

In last comes avocado and bean sandwich. To make it, you have to use finely sliced and mushrooms and cook them in light heat with olive oil. Then, make a paste of avocado pulp and add some salt, chili flakes and some lemon on it. Then, to make sandwich, apply this paste on bread slice and keep cooked mushrooms and onions on it. You can also add thinly sliced tomatoes and baby spinach over it. Then, keep another bread slice over it and serve.

 So, here were some of the best sandwich ideas for new vegan. It does not contain any dairy product and are also very healthy and delicious to taste. Tri it once and share your experiences with us.