Best Branded Perfumes 2016 for Women

7:45 PM

Perfumes are that accessory in woman’s vanity that makes them feel confident and they can face anyone easily. Perfumes signify luxury, sensuality, sophistication, and your choice to others. They are generally blended of different essence or aromas that are prepared by experts. Experts take special care while blending these aromas to make perfumes that will reign the heart of lovely ladies throughout the world.

While the perfumes are made it has to be taken care that the fragrance tells it all. Even if one can design great packaging for the perfumes but until and unless the fragrance touches your heart, you will never give it a second look. Thus, brand all over the world make sure that they present the ladies with fragrances that will rock them up and give them the sensual feel they are looking for.

Here are the best branded perfumes for women for the year 2016.

Chance by Chanel

It is there for years and yet Chanel due to its fragrance is still one of the best perfumes for women even in 2016. In French, ‘Chance’ means luck and this is what this fragrance has proved itself for the brand. This is the only perfume under the brand that has a round bottle especially because it represents the wheel of chance. Its fragrance has made it among the best sellers since it is launched.

Coco Chanel

This fragrance has won the heart of young women since its inception. This is mainly targeted at the younger fans of Chanel and the target has been hitting the point blank easily. Although introduced in 2001 it is still among the top perfumes. Even in 2016, it is considered as one of the most popular fragrance.

Lancome’s La vie est belle

By the French expression La vie est belle’ it means ‘life is beautiful’ and this perfume actually tops among the perfumes of 2016 as it makes your small beautiful! Its face is Julia Roberts and that is not only its catch point. Its fragrance comes from the juice that blends patchouli and iris and it is so sensual and soothing that is considered to be among the top branded perfumes for women in 2016.

Viktor & Rolf

For business women, nothing can compete with Viktor &Rolf. The fragrance of this ready to wear business like perfume comprises of the notes of freesia, orchid, jasmine, rose and patchouli. Its floral fragrance and light notes have made it favorite of woman even in 2016.

Dior’s J’adore

J’adore from Dior has a note of jasmine and rose that may make it fragrance of spring-summer, but it has such approach ability that you can wear it any time throughout 2016.

‘Grace’ from philosophy

Grace is actually a fragrance that is really graceful. This classic, clean and feminine scent has the perfect fragrance that will be loved by any woman, any time.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Black opium

Black opium from Yves Saint Laurent is there in the market for years now and it has been captivating women since it was launched. The floral note of this sexy feminine perfume is combined with vanilla and black coffee making it more appealing.

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