Easy 10 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

8:12 PM

Workout for Busy Moms.jpgThe 5’o clock alarm, cleaning the house, cooking preparations, before the little one wakes up; and once you hear the cry, toe up for baby care- Huh, I am sure this is precisely your routine. If we notice, there is hardly any time left for your own health care.

As moms, it’s our priority to take care of our kids, and for this you require to be healthy and fit. We can see it’s very difficult to find a time slot for workout in your busy day. That’s the reason we are here with some of the best exercises for you to boost your metabolism and overall health in just ten minutes time a day.


From pregnancy to the mothering and taking responsibility of household chores, tax your knees heavily. In addition to gulping that calcium supplement, it is necessary for you to strengthen the muscles around knees. Squats are proved to be best solution for this. Method: Stand straight with arms stretched forward, slowly come down to the sitting posture, with your knees parallel to the ground, and stand back in the earlier position.


Chair squats

Chair squats can be performed on the same lines as regular squats. However you will need a firm chair for this one so that you don’t slip yourself. These exercises will also help you to strengthen your muscles in the knees and thighs besides shoulders and arms.

Chair squats.jpg

Push ups

Push ups are best exercise for strengthening the muscles of your shoulder, arms, chest and abs. Method: You need to hold your arms on floor lifting your body upwards and your knees behind hips. Now bending your elbows you should push your body downwards and lift back in the earlier position.

Push ups

Step up Exercise

This exercise will give you a feel of aerobics. Tune on the music and start feeling the freshness in your body while you build stamina for your busy day. Method: You will need a stepping platform to perform this. Step on it one leg after the other and do it for five minutes.

Step up Exercise.jpg


Crunches will help you strengthen your muscles around abs and thighs. Method: Lie on your back and bend your knees. Take your right leg to the left knee while your left hand behind head. Now lift your left shoulder toward opposite knee. Repeat this in the vice versa position.  Do it for 8-10 times, but don’t overstrain your muscles.


The specialty of all the exercises suggested above is that you neither require a gym for those nor a trainer. You can do these at your own pace and comfort level. You will need just to take out ten minutes from your schedule for this workout. On the first day see to it that you don’t over strain your body. Before performing any of these, stretch your body and do some deep breathing. As much are the muscular exercises important, so much is the breathing exercise for your mental strength. 

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