Essential Health Checks Every Woman Should Have

Essential Health Checks Every Woman Should Have.jpgIn earlier days’, it is true that women had a lifespan of 50 years. But now average life span of women has enhanced and this is because of the invention of latest and new-fangled treatments. According to medical science, now the average life expectancy for women is near about 80 years. Nowadays, women are not only leading longer life but they are also anticipating all the possibilities so that they can relish a better life throughout their lifespan. In order to accomplish this, it is obligatory for women that they should take charge of their own bodies and should comprehend how they can maximize their personal health and fitness.

Below, we are abridging some essential health checks for a woman which she needs to conduct in her life span if she wants to lead a happy and joyous life.

Bone Mass Density Test:

A woman started to lose bone density once she is crossed the 30s and after reaching menopause, women lose bone mass much faster. Moreover, osteoporosis, a disease which makes bones weak and brittle, is much common in women as compared to their male partners. So, it is advisable to a woman that she should do a bone mass density test on a regular interval basis.

Bone Mass Density Test.jpg

A Test to Check the Strength of Heart:

Heart disease is the prime killer of women.There are several risk factors (increasing age, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity, overweight and diabetics) which boost the rate of the heart attack. If a woman possesses any of these symptoms, then without wasting any time they should check their heart and consult with the doctor.

A Test to Check the Strength of Heart.jpg

Thyroid Test:

Most of the women suffer from thyroid and unfortunately, they are unaware of the pernicious effects of the thyroid. A woman can be either victim of hyper or hypothyroidism. So, it is mandatory for a woman to check if her thyroid gland is hail or hearty and exuberant.

Thyroid Test.jpg

Mammography Ultrasound

This test is usually designed to detect breast cancer. It is ubiquitously believed that women are more prone to breast cancer after certain ages. So, women who have reached the 40s are advised to undergo this test.

Mammography Ultrasound.jpg

Pap Smear Test:

This test detects if there are any unwholesome cervical cell is present in the cervix which may lead to cervical cancer. Women above 21 years, specially who are sexually active must get themselves tested.

Pap Smear Test.jpg

Total Blood Count Test:

This test gives individual counts related to the blood components like RBCs, WBCs and platelet. As women possess low haemoglobin so it is advisable that they should conduct this test, specially those who get fatigued and weak after certain activities.

Total Blood Count Test.jpg


Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of women’s death. So, it is recommendable to go for a colonoscopy so that precautions can be taken at an initial phase.


Ultrasound Sonography:

Women who are pregnant, suffering from abdominal pain, and have irregular period should go for an ultrasound sonography test. Ultrasound gives an entire picture related to the health of the abdomen and the lower abdomen. This test is highly recommendable to check the state of the fetus.

Ultrasound Sonography.jpg

Women have an inherent propensity to ignore their health as they are involved in so many activities so they can’t find sufficient time for them. But this is the high time that every woman should proactively walk some extra mile and get the above-mentioned tests as it is believed that the women are the backbone of every family.