Exercise Ball Work for Lower Back Pain

Exercise Ball Work for Lower Back PainDidn’t lift heavy weight, took every medicine orthopedic, allopathic, homeopathic and even the unani and ayurvedic but meds work only till taken. Followed your lean physiotherapist’s exercise but didn’t get the results they promised and your purse suffered with you. So what’s next? Don’t tell me the baba on the roadside. Well no need to panic there is still an option you didn’t count but is very effective for the lower back pain. You know it but thought that its not your age to gym, well it is your age to play with medicine ball and let it cure you.

Not only are the people satisfied by medicine ball’s use they are assured that specific use of it can actually help in reshaping and revitalizing your back strength. This is not just a physical therapy to strengthen your back but it also aims to decrease the back pain for the sufferers who have been going through multiple back treatments and meds. Not only have these balls helped in minimizing the pain they also help in core muscles development and restoration of your back strength that stabilizes your spine.

It helps in Reducing Back Pain by :

1.Strength build-up in abdominal and lower back muscles by just balancing over specified time.

2.It helps in regaining flexibility and better motion angle.

3.It builds the spine position just by balancing, giving back the neutral body shape.

4.Reduces the stress on back and lower back.

5.Recreates positive posture for the body.

6.Helps in controlling spinal disc movements, thus increasing the blood circulation.

medicine ball exercise
Medicine balls come in varied shape and weights which can be choose accordingly as per our weight and body type. Also while purchasing these it is necessary to choose a ball that is not very heavy that can’t be lifted but heavy enough to improve the motion and can be slowly moved. And it is better to consult your doctor or take some professional help as, its your delicate back we are talking about and little help won’t hurt.

Moreover there are different medicine ball exercise that are used to target the lower back pain but these balls come with the advantage of fixing your whole body head to toe if used smartly just by balancing and a little play. Exercising is a tough show so it very important that if you are not an expert you should opt for supervision. But with the world now moving with the speed of internet you can self help yourself.  

Some Exercising to Focus on Lower Back Pain includes:

Laying on the ball in such a way that you face the ground. Once you stabilize this position, pull as higher as you can. As you move higher not letting off the ball, ore tension is produced which helps in back stress reduction. Make sure you keep up with your stability over the ball.

Next is just like an extended part of the first one. Here once you stabilize your position, fix your feet and then without moving stretch upwards. here to get a stabilize position may be tough pals but once you get it, let the time play the role. Stretch till you can bear and reload again. Try 10 to 15 reps.

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And some exercises also include elbow balancing or feet balancing on the ball but to start these are easy and good to go. But always make sure you choose the correct ball and don’t over stretch your muscles, and enjoy the medicine ball wonders.

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