Five Essential Vitamins and Minerals

women's health vitamins.jpgLife, a precious gift from God, is bestowed to only the lucky beings in this universe. Moreover, it is walking continuously at the faster pace,and you know what,it doesn’t allow us to hold even for a while. So, for that, we will have to walk hand-in-hand with the life, and this can only be possible if we always remain healthy. Especially, the female needs to be strong as ‘she’ is the only one who has to fulfill many promises not only of herself but too of her dear ones. As she moves toward the further phases of life,her body starts screaming because of increasing requirements of some extra supplement.

Today, we will discuss some of the best vitamins for women that are going to fill in the supplements that are being missed in her diet.

Vitamin D

This vitamin not only prevents osteoporosis but also offers the long-lasting strength to the bones. It may treat the PMS symptoms and protect the vision of the person.The female from the age of 19 till 50 may intake vitamin D and the one who is pregnant or breastfeeds her toddler.Furthermore, you may buy these food products that source this vitamin: -egg, yolk, cereals, juice, milk and soy milk.

Vitamin D.jpg

Vitamin E

Supposed to be an antioxidant, Vitamin E neutralizes the damage of DNA that is responsible for making the cells aged. It may protect the women from cataracts, memory loss, cancer and heart disease. Additionally, the immune also boosts up by this.Vitamin E is beneficial for all age group females.The foods that hold this supplement are spinach, wheat germ, safflower oil and most of the nuts.

1Vitamin E.jpg

Vitamin K

The blood clotting gets aid by Vitamin K;in fact, it curbs the diseases related to heart and boosts the strength of the bones.The green and leafy vegetables have the stamina to hold the load of vitamin K so you may find it in spinach, coriander, etc.

Vitamin K

Vitamin B6

If you require something to enhance the production of brain chemicals and hormones, then vitamin B6 is important for you. It is also good for the females who are pregnant and suffers morning sickness. The risk of depression and memory loss also gets safety walls by this supplement.To get the same, you may go for seeds, beans that should be cooked and dried, whole grains, banana, potatoes, avocado, meat, fish, chicken, etc.

Vitamin B6.jpg

Vitamin B12

The females who want to come up with the heart diseases may catch Vitamin B12 in their diet. Moreover, it cures depression, anemia, and memory loss. The functionality of brain and nerve also get maintained by the same supplement. There are many food products that the women may append to their diet to overcome the above-mentioned problems like soy milk, egg, shellfish, milk, poultry and red meat.

Vitamin B12.jpg

Some of the supplements may not be the part of your routine diet but yes;they are necessary to be occasionally taken to treat many diseases like arthritis, etc.One and the most important thing that we should notice is the healthy diet can’t get replaced with the vitamins but may cover up the missing supplement of your body. All this will not only make the person healthy but will too offer him a peace of mind.