How To Get Flawless Skin All Year Around

Keep The Flawless Skin All Year Round.jpgThere is a saying that goes Your face is the index to your mind”. Though it may sound like something that you hear every day but if you pay a little attention to it, you will realise that it’s not that basic.

The dynamics of this belief are embedded in psychology. We all know that what we feel inside reflects outside. So when we are unsatisfied with our skin, we tend to remind our minds about this lack and when this lack is continually activated in our mind and beliefs, then we will present our incomplete self to the world.

Our mind, Our persona for the world, would thus be incomplete/under confident/ less.

Begin Early

We are never taught about the importance of feeling good. And in a woman’s psyche feeling good, is from the start, synonymous with looking good. A less perfect skin is completely ugly for us. Probably because everything is either black or white to us.

So woman must begin early with skincare. We must teach ourselves, our friends and our loved ones some of simple skincare acts from early teens. For instance, washing face every 3 hours, avoiding consumption of oily foods, taking clean-ups in a good salon every two months, etc. These small little acts do pay back in long term. Also, Going bare under the sun should be a Big No.

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Let Food be thy Reward

We believe that a good skin and a good body is a result of avoiding potatoes and gulping spinach. It’s false! A healthy diet does not negate any food. Instead, it balances it. Carbohydrates, fats are equally important to skin like vitamins and proteins are, but often when we consume more than we should, the skin reacts back defensively. What we can do is that we can fix our Food Habits. We can follow Mediterranean diet, and sink into a good lifestyle.

One must remember, Food should be a reward not a punishment.

Reward yourself with cocoa shots when you successfully adopt your Food Plans. And let food be thy reward!

Keep The Flawless Skin Let Food be thy Reward.jpg

Make Skincare your Routine

Lifestyle change is the answer if you want that smooth skin, for every month, for every season. Make skincare a lifestyle.

You can do this by firstly telling yourself that you are beautiful and yes there must be some flaws externally, but inside everything is good. And this good has to come out. It will come out if you make skincare a habit, a routine.

Second, replace all that habits that unfair to your skin. Robin Sharma-a lifestyle coach has said that bad habits don’t go away, but you always can replace them with a good habit. So instead of toned milk in your coffee add double toned to it, and instead of Salon facials give skin a natural vitamin and minerals bathe. A natural mineral bathe means applying the juice and pulp of fruits on your face.

Make Skincare your Routine.jpg

Don’t forget to follow the thumb rule of Being Constant since sporadic attempts with skin can never be fruitful. And don’t fret, skin will reward you, and the glow &shine will radiate through the skin with time.

Once you make skin an indispensable part of self, and make your skin your own, you would definitely make the world your own.

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