Is Water Aerobics Safe During Pregnancy?

4:29 AM

Water Aerobics - How it helps pregnant womenPregnancy is a period when we can expect many changes. Physical changes and discomforts in a woman's body during pregnancy is common and known to all, but the emotional changes she could be experiencing, may not always get noticed.

During the nine months, a woman's moods and emotions keep changing. Though there are welcome changes, there could be those which lead to stress. Stress varies in every pregnant woman. But stress that continues for long time may cause many health problems, like increasing blood pressure and heart diseases.

Also these emotional changes will affect the baby in womb as both mother and baby are connected. Best way to make yourself away from this emotional change is to make yourself busy by engaging in activities that will make you happy.

Exercise is an activity that increases or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. During pregnancy exercise can help reduce stress and also helps prevent common pregnancy discomforts. There are many types of exercise that one can do.

Exercise is a must to do activity by a pregnant woman as it not only will keep them engaged but also help them to maintain physical fitness and weight. Pregnant women need good food and good sleep but most of them don't get good quantity of sleep that they need to have. The most come reason for this being pregnancy discomforts. Many researches has found that pregnant lady who do regular exercise, sleeps well than other who do not.

Good sleep make you feel mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and full of energy throughout day. Most of the exercise is safe for pregnant woman if done with proper guidance. One of the best and safest exercise during this period is water aerobics as it avoid much other risk including that's caused due to a fall.

Water aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in shallow water such as in a swimming pool. It is mostly done by standing vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water. In this form of exercise person should be immersed in water.

The most of the water aerobics classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music. Different forms of water aerobics include: aqua Zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog. Water aerobics makes your abdominal muscles engaged and lengthened. so working out in the water helps to make stomach muscles strong. Exercise during pregnancy will be difficult and uncomfortable unless it is done in enjoyable way.

Water Aerobics - How it helps pregnant women1If a pregnant woman makes a routine of water aerobics during pregnancy it helps to make her delivery smooth and normal .It's also been found that aquatic aerobic is a perfect exercise for pregnancy pain relief like back pain, limb pain etc.

Another benefit of the exercise is the cooling effectf the water. Mostly all pregnant woman will feel comfortable doing this exercise as it will keep their body temperature normal by avoiding sweating and result in less fatigue. That way it enables them to spend more time for the exercise. Most importantly ladies won't feel it as stressed and heavy exercise as water aerobics will be fun.

After exercise, pregnant lady not only will get a good and comfortable work out but also would feel refreshed after enjoying in water. One thing ladies should take care is that they need to keep themselves hydrated as sweating is less and they won't feel thirsty.

Fun ways of getting healthy is exactly what water aerobics ensures. Happier and healthier the mother, healthier the child would be. Water aerobics really benefits the pregnant women that way without any other ailments.

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