Six Top Most Common Miscarriage Causes

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Causes of Pregnancy Failure.jpgAs we know that, the food or diet is having a great importance in pregnancy failure. In ancient time, powerful and nutritious diet was eaten by people, especially by women who work all the day eat the heavy diet in according to maintain themselves. The technical issues come at the time of pregnancy, but this is due to no awareness of technology. But nowadays, in the modern or technological world, the main cause of pregnancy failure in the womanis diet or food which they eat. Moreover, besides these many other reasons also occur in that case.

Now, I am going to tell about some main causes of pregnancy failure in the woman.

Bacterial infections:

Most micro-organisms in the human body are harmless, even maybe helpful in human’s reproductive region. But few bacteria can cause or create issues (including the high rate of miscarriage). The two bacteria named 1-)urea plasma and 2-) mycoplasma that lives in a genital area of healthy women or men, but can cause greatly the imperil of pregnancy failure. While in women, these bacteria cause infection in women bodies which further cause the endometrium (uterus lining), and the embryo does not develop it again, infection makes impossible for it. No symptoms occur in this case.

Bacterial infections.jpg

Untreated diseases like Thyroid Problems and Diabetes (which is uncontrolled)

These conditions, when someone has a thyroid problem or illness and diabetes, are linked to the inappropriate uterine case or an environment. The embryo cannot survive or sometimes, so difficult to survive under the effect of these diseases.

Untreated diseases like Thyroid Problems and Diabetes.jpg

Immunologic Disorders:

It is about sperms which cause the pregnancy in women. When these sperms considered as the foreign object then its mean “all okay.” Pregnancy condition is perfect. But when or mostly, the sperms tell women through message or signals that “never treat me like a germ” and pregnancy is also perfect in this case. But in some cases, ant phospholipid antibodies, the antibodies that attack its body tissues, embryo included, and that causes for miscarriages. Which according to physicians are indefinable or unexplainable?

Immunologic Disorders.jpg

Incomplete Cervixes and Uterine Abnormalities:

If the uterus is abnormal like divided or shaped then it is known as the uterine septum. The miscarriage occurs embryo cannot implant first, but if embryo implant, did not able to get proper nourishment for surviving. It causes up to 10 % abortion. The weak cervix is another issue or problem that causes pregnancy failure, this is because, where the first-trimester end, the fetus has grown large enough and due to this the cervix became bulge. It cannot be able to hold fetus in at this stage.

Incomplete Cervixes and Uterine Abnormalities.jpg

Chromosomal Abnormalities

This problem causes up to 60 % of miscarriages. We know that chromosomes are small particles or structures that carry genes; everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes, one pair from father`s side and one from a mother. Sometimes, when sperm and egg meet, if anyone is faulty, the chromosomes are not able to a lineup in actually. In this case, the embryo shows chromosomal abnormality and successful pregnancy results in a pregnancy failure (miscarriage).

Chromosomal Abnormalities.jpg

Lifestyle (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, other toxins)

Nicotine is powerfully harmful; it crosses the placenta and interferes with fetal growth and with blood supply. Smoking causes miscarriage twice on nonsmokers. Drinking also causes failure if someone is taking more than two glasses a day. Finally, women who work in a different environment like firms, call center, dental offices, and laboratories have the high rate of miscarriage for reasons unknown.

Smoking causes miscarriage.jpg

So, here are some main causes of pregnancy failure in women which I described above and if you wanted to save yourself from this cause we should take care of all these things.

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