Skin-Nourishing Foods You Should Add on Your Diet Today

Everyone is aware of the fact that whatever a person eats and puts on his stomach may have a direct impact on his or her complexion. If you eat more healthy foods, you become healthy and fit inside and out. Through healthy eating, you will have the skin that glows. So if you really like to have that fairer, glowing skin then you should start paying more attention on what was in the refrigerator. It is necessary to make sure that these 7 good foods will be in your shopping cart the next time you go to the nearest grocery store. These foods will keep your skin healthy and smooth. So, what are these great foods? Keep reading and learn more about these foods:

Brussels sprouts

These are a good source of skin-friendly nutrients, such as vitamins A & C, including folate. Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C that promotes collagen. Whilst it is very important to make use of a skincare product that provides sun protection, folate as well as vitamin C might help in the prevention of sun damage.


These delicious rounds are rich in flavonoids, containing excellent amounts of vitamin C. Eating blackberries every day will be helpful a lot in fighting damage, which takes place in the skin cells. Blackberries also have vitamins which aid to maintain the oil in the skin well-balanced. Therefore, they are ideal for those people who suffer from pimple breakouts.


Almonds are 100% good for the heart yet they are an excellent source of vitamin E that nourishes the skin whilst protecting it against the ultraviolet rays from the sun.  You can enjoy them as plain, healthy snack every day or you may choose to add some to salad.

Flaxseed Oil

This food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that have a number of benefits to your skin. Flaxseed oil can help reduce inflammation plus it can serve as an effective skin hydrator. This oil could be found and purchase at the local health food shops as well as in the grocery aisles wherein vitamins together with some other dietary supplements are arranged and displayed.


The next time you want smoothie, make certain that you don’t forget to add some slices of mangoes. The fruit has been scientifically proven associated with collagen production, letting you have smoother looking skin. Mangoes contain carotenoids that may help enhance skin tone and color, giving that rosy glow to your dull skin.  You can even use mangoes as a facial cleanser. Mangoes can assist unclog pores, leaving a fresher effect on your skin.


This fruit contains essential oils and niacin that will keep your skin feeling and looking supple.

Sweet Potatoes

These are known as a good source of vitamin C that makes the skin look more youthful and fairer. Sweet potatoes can also help your skin resist and fight environmental damage. Though, you should avoid adding brown sugar and marshmallows on their top because sugar will not do anything good for your skin.

These are the foods that you should eat every day, not just to stay healthy and fit, but also to look more beautiful and flawless by having that fairer, radiant skin. It may take time before you can finally see the results but be sure to add them on your diet starting today!