The Best Ab Workouts for Women

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The Best Ab Workouts for Women.jpgBelly fat, or fat in stomach is associated with abdominal obesity. It is caused due to various factors. One of the chief factors behind gaining fat is the intake of huge amount of calories that doesn’t get eliminated from the body. It results in the expansion of the waistline. Only intake of calories cannot be blamed for fat gaining, other factors also play major role in this aspect. Aging is another factor that causes fat to develop around your belly. With the increase in age muscle tends to loosen up and fat gets stored around the Stomach.

Effects of Excess Fat in Stomach

Fat in the stomach not only can undermine the physical look of women, but it can also result in dangerous health problems. Sometimes it can even run the risk of premature death. According to various researches it has proved that excess of belly fat can cause hypertension, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, asthma and other vascular and metabolic diseases.It is believed that a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the excess fat but one has to know the right kind of exercise which can reduce the fat from the right places.

Effects of Excess Fat in Stomach.jpg

Here are the Lists of Few Exercises which are proven to reduce the excess fat in the Stomach.

Bicycle Crunches:

The first effective exercise could be the Bicycle Crunches. This is the best exercise for women in which the fats in the stomach burn rapidly. One can lie on their back and by placing their hands behind her head in a way one does the regular exercise crunch. One can rise up and do the crunch and take a twist from left and touch the right elbow to the right knee and repeat it with the opposite set of elbow and knees. This can be continued and by alternating it back and forth for some time. This is considering being a hardcore exercise to reduce the abs.

Bicycle Crunches.jpg

Regular Crunch Exercise:

The other most important one is the regular crunch exercise which is a straight forward one. One has to contract their abs by raising the upper torso while lying on your back.

Regular Crunch Exercise.jpg


The third most effective one is hanging led to be rose which is to be in combination with the regular crunch. When these two exercises are done in combination, then it can turn out to be the best fat reducing exercises in the stomach. These above exercises along with the bicycle crunch make the best movements which help to reduce the belly fat.

Hanging Exercise.jpg

Oblique Twist:

Another important exercise is the oblique twist. It may be an old fashioned exercise in comparison to the more modern and sophisticated instruments in the gym, but it are proved to be more effective. A broom handle or something similar can be put across ones shoulders and the hands are to be gripped at the ends of the stick. After doing so, gentle twist from one side to the other helps one to contract the side or the oblique muscles.

Oblique Twist.jpg

Vacuum Exercise:

The other exercise is the vacuum exercise. It is a movement in which the waistline can get shrink and is a common exercise for the both men and women. This is also known as breathing exercise. One has to sit in a erect posture and hence exhale the full air from the stomach so that the last bit of the ait also comes out of the stomach. In continuing the same exercise, the stomach will get flexed completely and one will get a feeling the stomach wall is almost touching the spine. It this feeling comes, then one has to understand that the exercise is done correctly.

Vacuum Exercise.jpg


In continuing these exercises on a regular basis, one can get a flat stomach and it helps the women to look nice. Flat stomach makes the women to look confident and also reduces the risk of unnecessary diseases which is caused due to excess fat in stomach.

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