Top 10 Surprising Reasons To Do Pilates

Before reading this article one thing that you should need to know is very simple and basic the difference between Pirates and Yoga. One of the main differences between Yoga and Pilates is that Yoga can be used for improving the flexibility of the body and it will also gradually increase the flexibility of your joints. Where Pilates relaxes your muscles which are tense and give to most muscles of your body. All in one you can say that pirate is a much bigger, useful and helpful thing for yours body.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons of Why Should do Pilates for Life:

Strengthen Muscle Tone


Core strength, If the root of a tree is not strong, what use are its limbs? We can train our legs and arms to be strong with weight training, but in Pilates you are never working just one muscle. Why not get more results in less time? Train your center while stretching and strengthening other muscles. This is called functional fitness.

Gives you perfect Posture

Pilate’s exercises for posture are wonderful for developing balance. They challenge all of the good postures muscles like the abdominals and back extensors; and they are good leg shaping exercises that work the feet, thighs, and calves as well.The two standing Pilates legwork patterns you will learn here are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Once you learn these patterns and you can sneak them in anywhere - at the office, at home, or as warm-ups for other workouts.


There are some exercises and moves of Pilates that will really energize you and yeah the best part about them is that you can do it anytime in the day you want Ball Roll, Single-Leg Stretch, Single-Leg Circles, Half Roll Back. These are some simple exercise which you can do anytime within your routine and these will really energize you.

Pilates Makes your Sex Life Better

Pilates helps strengthen the pelvis floor and pub coccygeal, as known as the PC muscle, which controls ejaculation and urination. So, by strengthening those muscles, you are better able to control your emissions and get it on for a longer period of time. Your partner certainly won’t complain.

Pilates Is Great For Pregnancy

Yoga isn’t the only exercise that helps when you’re dawned explained, “Pregnancy is accompanied by many physical changes for a woman. Pilates is a great way to build confidence and trust in a woman’s body as she experiences these changes. A Pilates practice throughout pregnancy can help you to maintain your level of fitness and promote efficient body mechanics as you prepare your body for the demands of childbirth. A Pilates practice can also alleviate common complaints like low back pain throughout pregnancy, and improve recovery time post-partum.

Knockout Back and Joint Pain

Breathe! Deep breathing activates the supportive core muscles of your trunk.(among many other benefits). Your abdominal and back muscles are mutually supportive. You will want to support your back by engaging your abs during these exercises.Be attentive to symmetry and balance. In most cases you will want your shoulders even and your hips to be even.

Learn to Use the Box Image. Do these exercises mindfully. Go slow, be gentle, and don't do anything that hurts. And yeah finally these exercise will Knockout pain.

Pilates Reduces Stress

Joseph Pilates was deafening that Pilates was about “the complete coordination of mind, spirit and body”. Pilates practice gives complete attention to each movement by instructing the brain to release tension, stress and control breath and movement with flow and precision.

Peaceful Sleep

With all these exercise pilates will let you have a peaceful and good sleep which is much needed after a day full of work, as they say there are perks of all hard work in the world.

Keeps your Mind Sharp

Off course a healthy body an energize system free of pain body and relaxed muscles will keep your mind away from all kind of hurdles and then only your mind will start performing at his best level and start working sharp even you will be astonished to see that.


And yeah did I mention all these exercises hard work and a result of these exercises your mental and physical health, your sex life your partners life all will be free of any pain and illness and when there’s no pain then and only then you start feeling happy and realize how good your life can become by doing all these Fun stuff.


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