10 Things Women Do To Make Them Less Attractive According To Men

Men and women are very different from each other and sometimes make a great effort to get attracted by another. Women by nature notice everything that goes wrong with another woman. She can easily spot ugly hairdo, makeup disaster or tacky outfit. But what about men? Do they notice these disasters? Yes, they who have less understanding of feminine things also judge their looks correctly. Many single women change their appearances to look what they can't be and most men can tell when she try hard to do that. A research on Reddit suggested that it is the women who do something awkward which men find very unattractive.

Have a Look Below at 10 Things which They Most

Overly Fake Eyelashes

Ladies, you may just look awful with those thick false lashes and dark eyebrows especially if they are poorly applied or in an unnatural style. It is well said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" then why to appeal men by your sophisticated look?

Using the High-Pitched Girly Voice

Being girly is not an "insult" but your high tone would make you insult especially when you are in public place. Your up-high voice won't let you lead the world and no matter how substantial the content is and what dress you put on. Some gentlemen don't find that sexy despite you think it sounds.

Having Too Much Confidence

Self-confidence might lead you to better decisions but the sometime excess of that would lead you to miss warning signs that you might be wrong. These signs are missed because you being busy within yourself and for you, they don't exist. Love yourself and let others know it but overconfidence is not an approach to be adopted.

Duck face or Oversized Lips

Your facial expressions give an impression of your personality. If you push your lips outward it will give make your cheekbones larger and your lips pouty. But it suits all of you? I think a teenage girl would look cute with that. Majority men like women to keep their lips proportionate and natural to their face, unlike Kylie Jenner, look.

Heavy Makeup? Less is more…

Ever girl loves to get dolled up…what's your makeup routine? Do you look prettier or your ugly version comes out? Umm, I know it's complicated to realize that your man loves you in makeup or in a natural look. Remember, "The less you used, the better will be the result." Your man always wants your natural look rather a thick foundation layer and heavy eye shadows.

Too Much Tanning

If you think excessive exposure to UV rays will make you more beautiful than you are wrong. Yes, the sun-kissed look is appealing until it is not too dark. Save your natural complexion once you lost it would demand a million efforts and years to get back.

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Looking like you're Over 50

You may enjoy dressing high waisted jeans, old lady scent, and long nails, but men aren't a fan off. The 50s are an age from where you begin struggles to look beautiful as you were but not all are lucky to maintain that looks. I would suggest you to use less makeup, decent hairdo, and an outfit which suits you best. Never jump to buy what others are buying.


Ladies, before you go for implants, always choose the size which best fits your body and gives natural look. Your man love to play what you have then why to go for surgical procedures? Be careful before having that if it turns wrong it will ruin your confidence. There are thousands of related articles over the internet which shows its negative aspects, you must read before your breast augmentation surgery.

Short Haircuts

Are men less attracted to girls having short hairs? Hairs are defining characteristics of women body but only if they are long and healthy they would become the center of attraction for men. Short hairs may look bad if it doesn't suit your personality. So before you go for a haircut, determine your face shape, features, height, and complexion. 

High Heels

Wearing high heels makes you more long legged, appealing and gives you sexier posture. The study says women feel more confident when heels help them to swing their hips more. It's true that men are mesmerized with high heels but only if a girl carries it with confidence. Sometimes your heels make your leg little shaky which is enough to ruin your confidence and divert your guy attention away from you.
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