7 Common Mistakes You Make Painting Your Nails

Nails should be as beautiful as your face. They are considered as an important part as people subconsciously notice them. They should be properly cut, cleaned and filed. Nail paint enhances the look of the nails. Nail paint should be used in a proper way. So here are few things that you need to keep in mind to avoid to avoid those common mistakes you make painting your nails.

Keep your nails clean: Don’t ever paint your nails unless they are cleaned properly. The dust that is on your nails prevents the nail paint from sticking. Same is the case with the old nail paint that you applied before. Use the nail paint remover to clean the old nail paint properly from the surface as well as the sides. Once they are cleaned completely, apply the nail paint of your choice.

Don’t forget the basecoat: Base cot is very important for your nails. A base coat is essential for your nails. It is much more important than the nail paint itself. It stick to the nails well and even let the nail paint stay longer making the nails appear soft and smooth.

Right way to apply your nail paint: There is a proper technique in which the nail paint should be applied. Make sure that you apply the nail paint in three narrow and even stokes. Make sure you wait for at least two minutes before applying the second coat. Many girls have a misconception that applying more coats will make the nail paint to stay longer. But this is a myth. The more coats are there its more likely for the nail paint to peel off.

Avoid the shower: Avoid the shower right after you have applied the nail paint. As this will not let the nail paint to stick on the nails properly. Let it dry properly and completely for 15-20 minutes and then go for bath.

Don’t apply the nail paint right before going to bed: Some girls only have time to put on the nail paint at night. You can apply it at night but don’t go to bed immediately after applying the nail paint. Give it time to dry. I you wish to dry your nail paint quickly, then you can take cold water in a bowl. After two minutes of painting your nails, dip them in cold water for about 2-3 minutes. This will dry out the nail paint quickly.

Say No to old Nail paints: There are few girls who are very much in love with their old nail paints. They don’t wish to throw them away. Nail paints dry out quickly. The ones which have dried out should not be applied over the nails. They are difficult to apply and also don’t give a proper finish. New nail paint is easy to apply and has a great finish. Remove all the old dried out nail paints from your shelves and make space for the new ones.

Top Coat: Top coat is very important to give that proper shine to your nail paint. It also increases the life of the nail paint that you have applied. You can apply a top coat every other day to make the nail paint stay longer.

So follow these steps and avoid those common mistakes that you have been making since long.