Amazing Places To Visit In Chandigarh Today

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Chandigarh is a union territory that serves as a capital of Haryana and Punjab. Thus, it has splendid Punjabi and Hindu culture, mixed with those of the minorities like Sikh, Muslim, and Buddhist ones. The place is widely known, not only for its attractive places to visit but also for its cleanliness. Surely, Chandigarh will fill your mind with a lifetime of immense memories of happiness and joy. Now, let’s explore some wonderful places to visit in Chandigarh.

Rock Garden

Situated in the heart of Chandigarh, this place is connected to all other places of interest. It has beautiful sculptures made up of discarded materials like frames, mudguards, forks, handle bars, metal wires, play marbles, porcelain, auto parts, broken bangles etc. it’s also known as Nek Chand Rock Garden, after its founder. Rock garden houses not only sculptures but also a tiny waterfall which is always thronged because of refreshing and lively photos one can get clicked there. It has numerous ice creams stalls inside, funny mirrors etc.

Rock Garden

And guess what, it has so many vestibules, chambers, and archways of different scales and dimensions. On passing through each of them, you will always be surprised to find it opening into yet another one. Every turn is accompanied with a tinge of curiosity as to what comes the next. The ultimate atmosphere makes it of unmatchable quality. You won’t ever forget this place, once you visit it. It’s worth visiting with family, though honeymoon couples also throng the place in large numbers.

Sukhna Lake

No one who visits rock garden misses out on the awesome boating experience of Sukhna Lake. An extremely serene lake thronged with dozens of artists like palm readers or portrait artists at the fare of Rs 200 to 500 only. The experience of boating is cuddled with so many others. Visit a souvenir shop there and you find a collection of display items. There is bull riding too! Make sure you hold the bull as tightly as you can till you get eventually thrown away. Do wait till the sunset. It’s worth experiencing sunset from the lake side. Get pictures clicked with the Chandigarh Peace Symbol, a memory that you visited Chandigarh.


Garden of Fragrance

A garden with its distinct aroma of romance. Planted with trees giving off aromantic aroma like Raat ki Rani, Champa, Jasmine, this place is a favorite spot for the lovers at evenings and nights. It is also loved by photo fanatics, wanderers, and nature lovers.

garden of fragrance chandigarh

Pinjore Gardens

A perfect example of Mughals garden style, it has the most famous terraces like shish mahal, Hawa mahal, rang mahal and Jal mahal. It has dense groves of trees and flowerbeds. It’s a perfect place for the weekends with family. Visitors just love the sloping terrain, wonderful pavilions, trees, square fountains and relax beds. You can get some of the awesome clicks of your life here.

Pinjore Gardens

Cactus Garden

The biggest garden in Asia dedicated to the endangered species. It has over dozens of species of cactus. The place might appear a bit odd or not so interesting, with its collection of cactus species. But, the distinct sight of so many species of cactus, grown in close proximity in patches, is literally exhilarating. This place is populated with nature lovers, botanists, researchers and curious onlookers who wish to relish at nature’s beauty. Believe it or not, it’s fun watching so many different species of cactus in a single place, watching nature’s game of immense diversity.

Cactus Garden

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