Best Things to Do in The Atlantic Coast of Argentina

Argentina is the eighth biggest country in the world and is one most diverse places imaginable offering wildlife, vibrant jungles, dramatic glaciers, mammoth mountains, sprawling pampas, many beaches, and shocking turquoise lakes Argentina can justly allege Latin America‘s highest peak i.e. Cerro Aconcagua, its broadest avenue i.e. Buenos Aires’ 9 de Julio and conceivably its coolest capital among various other attributes but its beaches are not exactly something to write about.

Argentina beaches do not have fringed palm trees, no white sand, winds can be fierce and water is also not turquoise but still beaches of Argentina are pleasant enough in summer. They reliably attract thousands of people from all over the country in January and February especially. If want to avoid the crowd, visit in the month of December and March, when the weather is warm so that you can enjoy the beaches with its activities. There are various beaches and many resorts spread along with the curve of coastline and are famous for sea fishing and beach combing.


Significant Things to Note

There are many restaurants wide variety of options and with the best facilities available in Atlantic coast they are
El Mundo de la parrilla
La Marina
El Loco

Sightseeing in Atlantic Coast

There are many sights to visit in Atlantic coast they are as below:

Puerto Mar del Plata

Puerto Mar del Plata

It is one of the most important fishing centers of Argentina and is worth a visit. You can watch the fishing boats come and go and port’s scenic and touristy wharf.

Torreon del Monje

Torreon del Monje

Torreon del Monje is hard to miss as this classical landmark is a throwback to Mar del Plata’s glamorous heyday. In all, it is a good place to stop for a drink.

Museo Taller Ferrowhite

Museo Taller Ferrowhite

It is a kind of landmark you see from very far away, as it is a castle like a powerplant and holds a small museum and cafe too. But fun is walking around outside the beautiful structure with elegant architecture.

Activities to Enjoy in Atlantic Coast

There are various activities which can be done in Atlantic coast of Argentina some of them are listed below

At wind time you can rent a surf gear for lessons, the beach bar is also one stop shopping for renting beach equipment or just having cold drinks and satchels with an awesome you.

Rocky cliffs by the sea and hills of Sierra de Los are excellent for climbing and rappelling. They also offer mountain biking, overnight active camping trips.

hills of Sierra de Los

In season time the tourist's office conduct free well-organized tours to Mardel’s port and museums.

The popular Termas Marinas features mineral-rich baths set in a leafy park with a café and beauty spa.

The Escuels Argentina offers surfing classes and rents boards during the summer.

All resorts on the coastline are linked with each other and have a facility of frequent bus services and if you want to combine beaches it is best to hire a car. The best time to visit here is is in spring and autumn as m any resorts are pleasant.

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