Female Incontinence Overview

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Stress was something unknown to mankind until some years back and now the condition sweeps off new individuals in its circle each day.  Blame the lifestyle these days or our attitude towards situations, entities like patience and immunity are stooping to a new low each day and the only things that are going up are stress, diseases, physical and mental issues. 
Reading about complex health problems in the newspaper each day, we wonder if we can ever predict the number of new diseases that are sprouting each day.

Why are We Particularly Talking of Women Here?

No, not because of feminism! It’s an accepted fact that females are more likely to experience stress as compared to men. To explain that, the hormone mechanism comes into play. Oxytocin is the anti stress hormone that increases with certain activities only. It has been observed that women need more oxytocin than men to produce the anti stress effect. Also, the hormones released before and during menopause makes it difficult to cope with stress which does not happen with men.

What Happens as a Result of Stress?

Reaction towards Stress:

Every female responds to stress in a different way. In some cases, your everyday work might go haywire and you might always remain in an irritable state. On the contrary, you might start to hide and build everything on the inside that eats your mind away like a termite.

Eating imbalance:

You might go overboard with stuffing yourself up with comfort food or you might loose the sight of food all at once.

Stress shows on your body:

It takes a toll on your skin and hair, dear lady! The skin becomes dull and you begin to loose strands of hair each day, things that you mostly attribute to the bad water or weather but is actually caused by the stress you undergo.

Switching sides in bed is an everyday chore:

Night becomes your friend (or enemy) as you can hardly sleep. Your brain is already over working and the icing is that you’ve befriended sleeplessness already. Imagine how your body and brain might be surviving.

Immunity hits a low rock:

With all the unhealthy things already happening with stress, your overall immunity pays the heaviest price. You no longer can cope with stuff easily and minutest of ailments prevail for a long time before they leave your body. This happens because the immunity is really low in people with high levels of stress and body cannot fight as efficiently as before.

How do you cope with the disease that is nearly as deadly as cancer(just not accepted as such)?

Acknowledge Stress:

The first thing would be to come in terms with the fact that you have stress. Acknowledgement can only have you take steps towards treating it.

Eat Right:

This includes both overeating and starving. Eat right food at the right intervals even if you have no interest in the same.


Easier said than done, but this is something that would pull you out of stress in most cases. Exercise releases the happy hormone over continuous practice, thus treating the stress and other diseases just right.

Take Charge and be Your Own Helping Hand:

Having a caring person around has its own value but if not, take charge, be your own hero and practice things that you like no matter how momentary or permanent those might be.

Prioritise yourself and your happiness!   

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