Free Travel Guide to Athens, Greece | Things to do in Athens

Athens is a prehistoric city, standing tall for several centuries of the past. It could appear to the tourists as not the most gorgeous or engaging capital in the globe, but if you delve with an insight you will observe the delightful, exhilarating and vivacious city of Athens come into view.

City Overview:

The city is the adobe and origin of the Olympics. The modern-day Olympic Games were performed in the capital 100 years ago. The Olympic Games lastly came back here and, as a result, the city experienced a mammoth facelift when the proclamation was originally made. It incorporated multi-million Euro assignments, for example, at the new Athens Airport, a large figure of fresh plants and bushes are set to make the city green around Olympic buildings. Athens too shows off huge park - formed in 1839 intended for Queen Amalia to encircle her stately palace and a lot of the city's avenues and open areas are now fixed with trees.

Places Which you Must See:

The asylum of Poseidon at Sounion is a significant refuge in Attica. Irregular discoveries conclude that this situate was occupied in the ancient age, but there is no proof of spiritual performance in that early epoch.

According to custom, the founding of the Olympieion goes far back in the era of legendary Deucalion. The location was populated in the primeval age and the religious group of Zeus is confirmed in older historic period.

Things Which you Must Do

You must visit The Athens Gallery, suitably located at the Plaka in Pandrossou Street, the conventional spirit of the metropolis of Athens; The Athens Gallery provides the tourists an unmatched chance to witness the planet of contemporary Greek art.

Your visit to Harma Gallery will be a thrilling one. It is an inventive art site, located in one of the most charming passageways of Plaka. It is an amalgamation of the paranormal ambiance of antique Greece with the elegance of present-day art in an up to date and gracious atmosphere.

Shopping and Sports in the City

Athens is a shopper’s delight. In addition, the regions of the Plaka and Monastiraki which are renowned to tourists for their wide range of visitor’s shops are a shopper's ultimate destination.

Famed as the first host of the Olympic Games, this particular event has a romanticizing effect over the countrymen. It also hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics spanning from 13-29 th of August. Football is another major sport with major clubs like Athinaikos F.C. and Atromitos F.C.

How to Spend the Night Life?

Spend the night at Bodega. It was formed in 1984 from inventiveness of Alexandros Iola through the idea of space that was occupied by worldwide music in addition to producing art work of sanctified and juvenile artists. It is attaining its present shape after contemporary architects have left their publish regarding Iola's vision regarding the esthetics.

Famous Festivals

The Greek calendar follows a number of festivals, they are, August Moon Festival, Theatro Petras Festival, Hellenic Festival etc. The most celebrated is the August festival for the moon being in its brightest form.