Fun Facts About Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island is in South Korea and is a volcanic island located in Korea Strait and is 53 miles from the tip of the Korean peninsula. Originally this island was known as Cheju and is formed from lava approximately two million years ago from Halla Mountain. It is also known as the island of gods and is also a most popular vacation point for Koreans and Japanese and the top honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds. The highest mountain peak in South Korea Hallasan id located on Jeju Island and the peak of the mountain look like a giant crater. It is popular honeymoon destination and includes many waterfalls, beaches that can take your breath away it is really a tropical paradise. Jeju is one of the 28 finalists in the new seven wonders of nature competition  and is oval in shape that measures about 45 miles across i.e. 73 km from west to east  and about 19 miles long i.e. 31 km from north to south.

Fun Facts About Jeju Island, South Korea

Interesting Facts about Jeju Island

There are many unknown facts about this Jeju Island which are not known to all. Jeju island is has a temperate climate as it rarely falls below the freezing point even in the winter season. It is also known as Hawaii of Korea which means island of three abundances and the three abundances refer to rock, the wind, and women as women are said to be extremely beautiful.

There is a lava cave system on Jeju Island where lava tubes were formed when the lava erupting from volcano cooled. This cave system together with Halla mountain contribute to the island being classified as world heritage site by UNESCO and referred to as Jeju Volcanic island and Lava tubes. Hallasan Mountain is actually a dormant volcano and is 1950 above sea level, it w 800 years ago when last this volcano has erupted.

Inside the crater is a lake and is named as Baengnokdam. And it is the smallest province in Korea and also the largest island in Korea too with an area of 1846 sqm. Km. this is a home of 947 insect species, 8 different reptiles,
8 amphibians and 198 different type of birds. It is one of the new seven wonders of nature.

Fun Facts About Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju is a Nature Lover’s Paradise

About the three times, the size of Seoul-Jeju has distinct cuisines and culture it can be said a nature lover’s paradise. It consists of beautiful beaches such as Jungmun beach; Emerald Bay, Gwakji, Hamdoek, and Shenyang are beaches for swimming and surfing. There are many things to see and feel on this island and beyond the raw seafood the array of local specialties include whole grilled mackerel in sea salt and barbecued pork are one of the delicious dishes which cannot be ignored. One of the most beautiful views can be seen from a volcanic crater to see it you have to go to sunrise peak and can see a beautiful sunrise from here.