Most Exciting Places to Visit in Delhi

Wow, what a thrilling place Delhi is! A hybrid of people from so many regions, all across India! Some come for employment, some for education, and some to simply visit Delhi and get its feel. Delhi is a metropolitan city. It houses some of the richest people in India. So many government initiatives are focused on developing the capital. It has some of the finest colleges and institutions when it comes to higher education. Talent, from all across the globe, throngs here. It has some of the finest and most important institutions of government machinery. In fact, students often leave their home place and settle permanently in Delhi, in its lavish lifestyle.

Let’s now explore some of the most exciting places to visit in Delhi.

Red Fort:

The wonderful manifestation of creativity and superb architecture of the Mughal times, Red Fort surely mirrors Mughal ambience. The monument has 33 metres high walls built to prevent attack from invaders. There are evening shows too. You can get a good feel of the Mughal’s splendour when you visit there. The monument is also historically important for India.  In fact, it’s a well-known fact that after the revolt of 1857, the sepoys went to the red fort to appeal to the ruler to become their ruler. Red Fort got recognized in the UNESCO in the World Heritage Sites in 2007. So do visit the red fort, and return with an awesome experience.

Red Fort

Lotus Temple:

Named so because of its lotus like appearance, it’s one of the 7 Bahai temples built across the globe. Here, people from all religions and faiths come and meditate in the peaceful chamber. The nine pools of water are worth beholding at noon. There are books being sold there, telling stories and fables about Bahai religion and culture. The place will imbue with serenity and peace.

Lotus Temple in Delhi

Qutab Minar:

The tallest tower of India, 73 meters in height was built by Qutab-ud-din Aibak . It has 5 storeys with each one, projecting a balcony. It is said to be constructed at the beginning of Mughal era, with the commemoration of Mughal’s rule in India. If you plan to sightsee Delhi, don’t miss it out.

qutub minar delhi

Akshardham Temple:

42 meter tall and world’s largest Hindu temple, the temple’s construction was completed in the year 2005. It’s extremely beautiful and what you’ll find the most exciting is the finish touch that has been imparted. The finishing is extremely fine, you’ll love it. Do plan to visit in the evenings so that you don’t miss out on the water show at night. In the entrance, you can find good books about the temple. It also has pictures, seamlessly presenting the progression of the temple construction.

akshardham temple delhi

India Gate:

Constructed in the year 1931 as a war memorial for over 70,000 soldiers killed during First World War and Afghan War, it’s again a place worth paying a visit, especially in the evenings. When the whole alley gets lighted, it draws crowds from distance. And of course, you’ll find so many sellers, selling eatables to selfie- sticks. The atmosphere really gets cool and you can get a feel of Delhi crowd and converse with Delhites if you’re really willing to.

India Gate delhi