She Went On A Five-Day Nacho Diet, The Results? OMG

Dieting sucks efforts of many people struggling each day to boost lose weight. Every time I choose right diet and stick with it but why it never seems to work long-term way? Then I decided to choose to cleanse diet which would have limited me to six bottles of liquefied kale, I would never want to experience.

Tired of same old cleanse, I decided to adopt a non-traditional approach to diet back in the fall. What I did just ditch green vegetable concoctions and choose to eat tacos every damn day. I thought Taco cleanse journey can be stuck and followed by anybody feeling cranky and anxious about dieting plans.

I actually lost weight and my face got stuffed with those tortillas, ate for six days constantly and concluded that "Taco diet is possibly the best diet strategy ever." Unfortunately, I started noticing a gain of few pounds since I weaned myself off tacos. Who would have thought that?


Then I decided to try on another insane diet but that was of nacho average cleanse. I replaced all sh*tty drinks (a typical juice cleanse) with insanely tasty nachos. For five days I had to stick to a strict nacho diet and said goodbye to all my favorite alcoholic drinks and other supplementary snacks which are the reason for my weight gain.

I thought this died wouldn't work, but at the end of 5th day, I did the final weigh and discovered it had actually helped me to lost weight exact three pounds. She further said, "Before you swear off all other foods for tortilla chips and cheese, you should probably know this diet made me sick AF and nacho-induced nausea I experienced was definitely not worth dropping a couple pounds."

Unlike my taco diet, this time, I made an effort to make a healthy version of nachos, somewhere I succeed to add meals to make it more tasty and healthy. The secret to my great nachos, I started with the colossal plate of nachos filled with chicken, cheese from Vamos and guac.

Later on, I loaded these nachos with healthy apple almond butter. You just need to slice some apples and dress them up with nuts and other dried fruits to make your nacho delicious. This recipe brought me back to old school days snacks which I never finished until getting off my bus.

I finished up my day with super speedy and super delicious cheesy chicken nachos. These are the perfect way to use leftovers. You can also layer it up with your favorite sauce. Yum, yum you should add a bit more cheese though to bulk it up a bit.

When I woke up day two, I was feeling low and not so great to start my day. So, I started my morning by finishing yesterday's leftover apple nachos. Later, I hit up El Camion cantina, to have veggie nachos whipped up with four different type of cheese.

At dinner, I managed to have my homemade Irish nacho, later captured by the horrible stomach, at my bedtime. They are like regular nachos if you replaced tortilla chips with crispy sliced of baked potatoes. Irish nachos are fun twist mostly made with bacon and potatoes.


On day three I woke with a feeling marginally better, so I added fried egg to my waffle nachos breakfast. They are pretty amazing on its own, in any case, you wondering. The mountain of cheese and other fixings will add taste to it. It's breakfast! It's snack! It's brunch!

For lunch, I wasn't able to eat Irish nachos, made a day before because at this time I felt little heartburn. Umm, I got confused why that's happening and whether I should continue with nachos or not.

Later to finish my day I forced myself to change some taste and have Al Pastor nachos from Taqueria Diana. They served them in a foil pan, a yummy sizzler to start. I think this is the best way to serve your friends and family.

On day four, I realized that these nachos would kill me. I'm not habitual of eating dairy products, so the cheese was making my skin break out and taking a toll on me. Then I decided to eat "naked" veggie nachos.

To balance my diet, on lunch, I decided to have a plate of bell pepper pizza nachos. You can get the comfort of pizza with your favorite pizza toppings on nachos. Don't like peppers? Don't like olives? The best thing is you can make them your own way.

To wrap up my day I gave myself a pep talk and went El Vez, to have a plate of nachos. I can guarantee you will love the way they garnish which makes nachos more delicious to eat. If you haven't, let's go…

On day five, I woke up feeling absolutely awful.  So I started my last day off on a strong note "demolishing" a heaping pile of pomegranate and apple nachos. I have to admit, living on nacho diet and adding new flavors to it, is not an easy job to perform.

For lunch, I decide to have a mountain of Mediterranean cucumber nachos. This is so refreshing summer and spring treat to make you cool. It is not confused with regular nacho and you can top it with no fat Greek yogurt.

Finally, I end up my damn diet with a plate of homemade veggie nachos cooked simple and natural. This mouthwatering super bowl is a thing of beauty unless turn into a soggy mess. Whip up these cheesy, speedy nachos for your casual get-togethers with friends and families.

My diet plan lasts for five days with fifteen plates of nachos which I guess is a successful weight loss because during the process I lost exact three pounds of weight. However, I would not recommend you to continue this diet for more than five days because an intake of endless amount of nachos will definitely make you feel like sh*t. One thing you would learn from this is if you really want to reduce your weight, cut sugar and alcohol out of your diet and then see the results.