Six Top Different Types of Manicures

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Most of the manicures are done in the same way. People can use their creativity to give them different looks. So today we bring to you different kinds of manicures that you can try easily at home and then decide what suits best for you.

So here we go Six Top Different Types of Manicures

1.Simple Manicure:

Simple Manicure
This is the simplest and basic manicure that can be done very easily. It starts with applying a cream, oil, or lotion to the cuticles. You need warm water for this. Put that water into the dish and soak your hands for at least 5 minutes. After the soaking process is done, you need to decide that what length and shape of nails you are looking for.  You can opt for round, oval or square shape according to your preference. Massage your nails so that the dead cells are removed. Take a nail cutter, cut them to the desired length but make sure you keep small margin as you need to file them. File them to the shape. Once this is done, apply a base coat of your favourite colour nail paint. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and apply the second coat.

2.French Manicure:

French Manicure

French manicure is one of the most classic manicures of all times. It is designed to give you the cleanest look. It makes the nails appear gorgeous and elegant. You need to apply a clear, pale pink or beige polish over the entire nail followed by white polish along the tip. This is a perfect look for all the occasions. Moreover, makes the nail appear classy and vibrant.

3.Bling Manicure:

Bling Manicure

This is a super kind of a manicure. It is simple as you need to apply a base nail colour of your choice. Light colours are preferred more. Once the nail paint is applied, apply a thin line of your glitter nail colour across the tip of your nails. This manicure works best for both morning office and evening date.

4.Single Nail Glitter Manicure:

Single Nail Glitter Manicure

This is another kind of easy manicure. You need glittery nail paint. Apply a nail colour of your choice on all the four fingers of your hand including the thumb. Leave the middle finger on which you need to apply the glitter. This means that all your nails will be in one colour and the middle finger will have glitter nail paint. This is give a simple yet elegant look

5.Reverse French Manicure:

Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure is done in same way as French manicure. You just need to reverse the procedure. You need to apply the glitter on the entire nail followed by a light colour nail colour on the tips. This can be done to give a changed look to your nails.

6.Contrast Manicure:

Contrast Manicure

This kind of manicure can go well with a dress that you are wearing. If the dress you are wearing is in contrast, you can choose the same colours on your nails. The colour that is in majority in your dress, the same colour nail paint will be applied on the nails leaving the nail of your middle finger which will have the nail colour of the other colour of your dress.

So Girls try out these simple manicures. Each one suited perfectly for different occasions. Get ready to Shine Girls!

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