The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

Creating Account

There are no provisions for a professionally run business-oriented account on Instagram. This simplistic approach is maintained, for projecting the product as more of an idea than an advertisement. Joining Instagram with an existing Facebook or Gmail account has two major benefits.

First, the profile info gets automatically mapped with Instagram and saves you from the loop of filling account credentials. Second, the contacts or friend list gets synced and lets you invite the existing list of followers. You can choose to scroll through them or directly search for the name of a contact.

Since Instagram is now the daughter company of Facebook, users get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Even if the hotel signs up with an email address, you can use ‘Find Facebook friends to follow’ option and continue with the invitation process. A phone number can also be used for creating an account, but that would sync the phone’s contact list.

Choosing a Profile Pic

Visual media is the language of expressing ideas on Instagram and influences two-third of the purchasing decision is taken here. It doesn’t need to be complexly vibrant, but something that people can relate to. Using the hotel’s logo will probably be the best idea here because the final size is cropped into a circular 150*150 pixel image. Also, the provided image acts as the representative icon for any online conversation. So, you might want to stick with the same name and profile pic for building a brand reputation.

Tale of the Hotel

An image often needs to be supported by a few lines of glory, for a more tangible demonstration of the idea. Use the Bio section for speaking about the hotel in a marketable way. Make sure to include the joyful ambiance, attractions of the venue, and the submissiveness of the hotel’s services; in the Bio section. The texts can also be introduced with a little twist in their font styles. There are tons of font styles that can be found in general and across the Internet, for perfectly portraying the theme of your hotel. Don’t worry, the Bio is completely experimental and can always be changed for promoting latest campaigns.

Including Hashtags

Besides a few ornamental words, using up to three hashtags can help you add a personality to the hotel. The hashtags and keywords included in the Bio don’t really make you more explorable, but they do become a synonymous presentation of the hotel. So, if you run a hashtag campaign in the future, people could quickly identify it as your hotel’s initiative.


Link building is a highly exhausted aspect for ensuring SEO, but that went with the written ones. At Instagram, you only get to add one link to the entire profile. Use it wisely, by including the link to booking services or the targeted landing page of your hotel. The inserted links remain active only when added to Bio section, right under the column for Name.


If you have any experience with using a social platform, then Instagram is piece of cake. There are five main tabs present on the bottom of its home screen, namely Home, Search, Camera, Activity and Profile. Each key is a shortcut to the promptly used options and help with easy navigation.

Profile Tab

The profile tab is another way of editing details present on the hotel’s profile page. It further elaborates into four options for viewing and accessing the earlier contents. From left to right, its default view shows a collage of photos and videos; the second button displays the hotel’s post as a stream on the homepage; the third button can access the map inside a geo-tagged photo; while the last button shows tagged images.

Home Tab

A homepage is where the Instagram lands after signing in with account details. Irrespective of how deep you have excavated in your favourites, the Home tab will always redirect you to the hotel’s Instagram page. Typically, an Instagram homepage is filled with latest updates from the followers, along with the ones added by the hotel.

Activity Tab

The activity page keeps a tab on the latest feedbacks from the hotel’s page and its followers. Activities on either side of the Instagram have been distinctly provided under the Following and You sections. ‘You ’ activity forms the default page when entering the Activity tab, which actually reflects the likes, comments, and notifications received by the hotel. ‘Follow’ reports similarly, but about the pages you follow.

Search Tab

This tab houses a search bar on top of its page and acts as a single portal for exploring new interests or people. Type the keyword, press enter, and Instagram will fetch you with neatly categorized results carrying the same keyword. Tap on ‘People’ icon to find people with the searched keyword, ‘Tags’ for refining hashtags, and ‘Places’ to look for geo-tags or photos taken next to that location.