Things to Do in the and City of Joy' Kolkata

Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta famous for its culture and rituals is popularly known as the city of is situated in the state of west Bengal on the banks of hoogly river.Port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port.With a population of 14.1 million, It is India's third most populated cities. Kolkata shares its borders with Bangladesh in the east and Nepal Bhutan in the north side.Jharkhand and Assam are some states which share borders with Kolkata.

Kolkata has been a very demanded state since the British rule.The east Indian company came here in 1690 to consolidate its trade business in Bengal.It was also the centre of the indian independence movement.

The residents of Kolkata are generally called Calcuttan or the kolkatan,and most of the residents of Kolkata are Hindu Bengalis and some are Marwaris Muslims and Biharis. Most of the people in Kolkata are educated,Kolkata's literacy rate is 87.14% which exceeds the Indian average which is 74%.People here have a good mindset,they encourage girl education and girl empowerment.the sex ratio in Kolkata is 899 per 1000 males.

The peak time to visit Kolkata is during the Durga puja,It is one of the most important festivals of Bengalis and it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Kolkata and rest of the parts of Bengal.One cannot rest when he or she is in Kolkata during the pujas.The atmosphere of Kolkata during the Puja is totally different,the whole city is on the road.different areas have their different pandals made with some or the other function, The four days that is the last four days of Durga puja are the happiest four days of Kolkata, most of the private sector companies,school colleges are closed afterall it’s the Bengalis festival.One more thing for which Kolkata is very famous is sweets,you cant resist yourself from eating rosgullas and sandesh however fitness enthusiast you are,the aroma of the sweets makes one's mouth watering.Rosgullas are a trademark of Kolkata.

If one asks about places to visit in Kolkata then  simply the answer would be whole Kolkata,the whole Kolkata is worth wandering,from the famous Eden gardens to kalighat,everything is must to visit.Street shopping is very famous in Kolkata,you can have a thing at its cheapest rates in Kolkata,new market,gariahat,college street,Hati Bagan market are some of the street shopping sites of Kolkata,if one wants to shop brands South city can be the best option,you can get almost all brands showroom here.Victoria memorial is one of the famous monuments in Kolkata and s popularly known as the lover's point of Kolkata,you can find many couples under the umbrella here.

Another finest work of engineering which you can see here is Howrah bridge, it’s a cantilever bridge over the hoogly river connecting Howrah to main Kolkata.the bridge doesn’t have nuts and bolts and was built by only riveting the structure.

The two very unique public transport system that is trams and steamers are also present here which make the movement people easier.

Kolkata is no less in terms of education,it has some of the most valuable colleges in India.Indian institute of management,Calcutta is one of them from where  India's finest managers are educated. Jadavpur university and Indian institute of science and technology, Shibpur are two such engineering colleges for which many students crave for.

Kolkata has its own quality which makes its unique and diverse in nature.