Top 10 Facts About Malaysia That Gonna Blow Your Mind -Sarawak

Sarawak is the largest state of Malaysia, located on the northwest of Borneo. The state is one of the members who founded Malaysian Federation and Federation of Malay. The state is famous for its rich culture and history. There are more than 2.4 million people living in the state practicing religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.

There are many Mind-Blowing Facts, you need to know about the Sarawak:

Sarawak Tourism

Every year, there are more than five million tourists come to visit the Sarawak. Other than natural resources, the main source of the Sarawak economy is tourism. There are many popular attractions such as the Rainforest World Music Festival, Kuching City and Gunung Mulu National Park.

Natural Resources

There are many natural resources founded in the Sarawak. The majority of Malaysia’s petroleum and LNG industry located in this state. There is only five percent of the royalty share of this industry given to the Sarawak as remaining 95 percent goes to the Malaysian federal government.

Largest Cave Chamber

Sarawak is the home to the world’s largest cave chamber known as Sarawak Chamber. It is located in the Gunung Mulu National Park on the island of Borneo. The chamber was formed by the karstic solutional processes was discovered in January by three Britishers.

Major Cities and Towns in the Sarawak

One of the major cities of the Sarawak is Bintulu inhabited by around 200,000 people. In Sibu, the population of 257,000 people can be found whereas the Miri is home to 350,000 people.

Immigration Law

The immigration law of the Sarawak is different from the other states of Malaysia. There is an autonomous in the immigration affairs which also includes certain immigration restrictions on the Peninsular Malaysia residents. A Malaysian citizen born to a Sarawak resident would have Sarawak permanent residency, no matter where the person is born.

Economy of the State

The economy of the Sarawak is third largest state economy in Malaysia ranked only behind Johor and Selangor. The GPD of the state is around RM 50,804M.

Kuching City

In Malaysia, it is the first city where motorists can turn left when the exit is clear. It is illegal in the other cities of the country. Also, it is the only city in the Malaysia which has two mayors. It was voted as one of the healthiest cities in the world by the World Health Organization and United Nations.


Unlike other states, the Sarawak has its own culture and way of living life. There are more than 25 ethnic groups in the state, each with its own language and cultures. The Iban people are the largest of these groups making up 31% of the total population, followed by the Chinese, Bidayuh, Indian, Eurasian and many small groups.

Food of the Sarawakians

The food of the Sarawakians is influenced by the species from the Indies, the fusion of Nyonya cooking and recipes of China. They feel pride to tell people about their food. In addition to traditional dishes, the modern choices of Middle Eastern eateries, halal, superb vegetarian and Japanese are also available.


The state was ruled by the Britishers till its independence in 1963. As a result of this Queen’s English is widely spoken around the state. Although, the official language of the state is Malay. Other local languages are Hokkien, Mandarian and Chinese.

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