Ways To Naturally Remove Unwanted Body Hair Permanently

Unwanted hair on arms, legs and other parts of the body is the most common problem that almost every woman faces today. They love their body if it’s clean. They do not want any unwanted hair on their hands and legs. The causes of this unwanted hair can be many like hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle or some other medical condition of the body.Few girls do not prefer any parlour treatment for hair removal as they have sensitive skin and the wax used in parlour often causes skin infection or rashes on their body. This is the reason they end up using razors or other chemical ways of hair removal but are still not satisfied with them.

Therefore, to ease the problem, we have got some very old and useful homemade remedies of hair removal. These methods are really effective and are apt for all skin types. They do not cause skin irritation and rashes as these are pure and do not have any side effects.

1.Sugar, Honey and Lemon Mixture for Hair on Legs and Arms

Sugar honey and lemon are one of the best hair removal measures. When they are mixed together, they acts like wax and is very effective in removing unwanted hair on your legs and arms.

In a small bowl, take one teaspoon of sugar, lemon and honey.  Mix all the ingredients properly. Heat this mixture for around 3-4 minutes in a vessel to make a smooth paste. If you think the paste is thick, you can mix water to it. Once it is done, allow it to dry in room temperature. Clean the hands and legs properly and then apply cornstarch flour on it. Using a wax knife or a butter knife, apply the mixture on to the area from where you need to remove all the hair. Make sure you apply it in the right direction i.e. in the direction of the hair growth. Once the hair is covered completely, strip them off in the opposite direction using a cotton cloth. This will remove the unwanted hair from your hands and legs.

2.Sugar Lemon Mix For Facial Hair

Sugar and honey mixture works perfectly for removal of unwanted facial hair. Sugar when mixed with water and lemon juice helps in exfoliating your face. It also acts as natural bleach to your face. The lemon lightens the colour of your facial skin. When these three ingredients are combined together, they effectively remove hair on your face as well as other parts of the body. It is advisable not to use these ingredients on sensitive parts of the body.

To make this hair removal paste you need to mix a teaspoon of sugar and water in the small bowl and stir it properly to get a mixture. Once the sugar solution is ready, add some lemon juice into the bowl and mix all of them well. You can apply this mixture directly on your face in the direction of hair growth. Keep it on face for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the mixture by rubbing it gently on your face. You can repeat this twice a week to see a noticeable reduction on your facial hair.

Make sure you use separate remedies for hair removal from arms and hands and hair removal from your face. As the skin of the face is extremely sensitive, it requires more attention and care. So we thought of making you all aware about both the procedures. Try them at home and enjoy smooth hair free skin.

Take Care!