Weight Loss - Every Woman and Dream

OBESITY..….A big menace these days. It’s spreading like an epidemic. Many safe methods to treat this situation are available. Being healthy and fit is the very essence of an enjoyable life. Body transformation programs help you to lose weight gradually with minimal side effects. Women in particular are very conscious of their weight.

How do you Know you are Over Weight

Reasons for being obese could be different.Thus every case is treated differently after getting to know persons details. It is important to know one’s body type, the total calorie requirements, the medical condition etc. Find out body mass index. BMI. It is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. People with BMI more than 30 are considered over weight. Without this your mission could be a failure. Thorough expert advice is mandatory as they recommend treatment as per body requirements.

How do you Know you are Over Weight

What causes you to be over weight or obese

One can become over weight due to wrong eating habits, and also could be due to certain medical conditions.as far as eating is concerned when one eats more calories and has little physical activity, The environment in general and also genes taken after parents. Lack of energy balance is most often the cause of obesity.In order to maintain a healthy weight , energy in and out need not be balanced every day but over the time care must be taken to strike a balance. More energy in and less out = weight gain.

What causes you to be over weight or obese

Sedentary life style, where in people have chosen to become couch potatoes, spending many hours in front of television and computers can be linked to over weight and obesity issues. Pregnancy, lack of sleep, emotional factors etc. cause ladies to become obese. Young girls today are seen so chubby, bulging bellies and huge amount of fat stored at the back,flabby legs but yet they seem unashamed.This is due to yet another observation with mothers of todays generation that they are unable to tell their girls, they would stop eating altogether is their fear. They don’t want them to reach the state of anorexia.

Health Risks and Consequences

The effect of being overweight on women is of course indisputable. Abdominal obesity commonly seen in ladies, strongly related to polycystic ovary syndrome. A very troublesome situation for women though. Y another issue with obese women is being diabetic. Both these problems have spread like epidemic. . Obesity is also associated with several major cancers. Weight loss can be achieved by following a good weight loss schedule which also promotes healthy behavior.Health spa’s are also a good and happening option these days. They are Ayurveda systems of preventive health care.

Just the way a joint force against smoking brought about a significant change in a good way, obesity needs to be handled seriously now. For decades it had been believed that men had a higher self esteem but now the difference has almost gone. But yet for women their looks are of utmost importance hence care needs to be exercised

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