Women in Health and Safety, Where Are You?

7:23 PM

women in health and safetyIn today’s world the most worried problem which is progressing at rate of knots day by day is women molestation. Due to this most of the women suffer a lot from symptoms like anxiety,ignominy,fear,abhorrence and other post traumatic stress like depression. The main predicament for this is the way society looks at women like they easily get distracted by the dressing sense of women for instance if a women wore skirt,jeans or top and I have a sip of drink it is not vulnerable that they are ready to molest.

In this instance the fault can be predicted from both sides like for suppose in the case of women if she does not attend those kind of parties or she did not wore those type of dresses then the men may not get carried towards women in that abusive way whereas in the case of men if they are well-taught about these issues then they may not commit.

women in health and safety
The pivotal reason for this issue is immaturity of men like for instance if they are taught in well-dignified manner about these situations in grass root levels of education like in schools of having a separate subject on sex education. Perhaps,this may create awareness and in future the budding youngsters may show lot of positive signs of maturity and even they may stop others from committing these crimes.

By the way if women are committed to these type of crimes without their interference they should immediately get moral support from their families or other allies who they are much fond of such that they can at least get over it as early as possible because the women who suffer from these assaults will be under tremendous dilemma or pressure like whether what to do or what not to do and even they commit suicide and some of the steps women should follow to avoid this horrendous molestation  is in some parties the drinks they consume are mixed with intoxicated sleep inducing drugs which are neither tasteless or smell less intentionally by others.

Thus, they should always be careful while drinking and other step they need to follow is when due to some sort of ego issues or other issues the camaraderie between the certain woman and other colleague may get aborted and leads to malevolent behavior by other in this case the women should completely try to avoid that person or not interfere in his issues.

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