A Secret Coastal Getaway in Tuscany, Italy

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They say you haven’t seen everything beautiful there is until you’ve seen the Tuscan sun and the Tuscan waters. Confused about which beach to visit on your vacation in Italy? We bring you the best guide to four unique different beaches in terms of the sea, sand and atmosphere. Go on, take your pick!

Monte Argentario:

Monte Argentario tuscany

Monte Argentario Island is exceptionally different, but certainly one of the most beautiful beach areas. It is rocky, rugged and heavily wooded, a real Sardinian-style marine paradise. The waters are a translucent blue-green shade, and very clean. One of the most beautiful beaches on the westernmost coast is the Cala Piccola. It has a beautiful pebble beach and a rocky cove, reachable by narrow cliff side paths. It is quite secluded with translucent aquamarine water, which is great for snorkeling. It’s the best place if you seek solitude. Imagine sitting here with a book and wine. The more popular beaches are La Feniglia, Giannella, Porto Santo Stefano and Port’Ercol, often found with locals who favor them for warm, shallow, clear waters and unspoiled sand. They’re scattered with cafes and stalls around the area for food and refreshments.


Follonica tuscany

The sandy coast of Follonica is lined with tall buildings and trees. It’s as different from Monte Argentiaro as it can be. This coast is more popular and populated, mainly because of areas of shallow water and fine sand, which makes it an ideal family picnic destination. It is easily accessible and most beaches here are free. Il Dido is one such beach. The air is filled with soft laughter of the happy people that come here. It has clean sea and sand. Pratoranieri Beach has shallower water and soft sand. The vibe is much more relaxed here. It has a cycle road along its length. Levante is great for families with its huge play area and pizzerias. The accommodations are cottage structures right on the sand. The usually deserted Ponente is perfect for those who desire tranquility.



Capalbio is situated on a hill, full of greenery and surrounded by Macchia Mediterranea" or the Juniper bush, a typical yellow colored Mediterranean scrub. This ancient town is full of history, with its medieval time structures, narrow streets, historical castles, renaissance frescoes and old walls. The place is enveloped in an air of magic. What makes Capalbio unique is the crystal clear, restful and warm water and silvery sandy stretch of coast.  The free beaches have multiple entry points and are easily accessible. There are areas that rent out deck chairs, umbrellas and other apparatus. The main beaches are Chiarone, La Torba and Ultima Spiaggia. You can find some small coves and jagged cliffs that usually require a bit of hiking to get to.

Marina Di Grossetto:


A little south of Marina di Grosseto lies the gorgeous Marina di Albarese beach. This gray/gold-sand beach is the most wild and secluded beach, beyond which lies a thick forest. As it is located within Maremma Nature Park, you may spot wild horses and deer. We recommend you to take a walk. The waters are clean, but not clear. Its sands stretch wide with lots of deck chairs and parasols. It’s the perfect place to relax in the sun and play beach games. You can catch a splendid sunset here. The accommodations are made from driftwood and permanent material. You can see boats lined up at the southern end of the beach.

There is a beach for every kind of beach lover in Tuscany. So go, soak up the sun and breathe in some sea breeze!

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