Things to do in Srodmiescie, Poland

Things to do in Srodmiescie, PolandSrodmiescie is the prime district of Warsaw,the capital of Poland.It is also termed as the ‘city center’ as it houses many national and metropolitan institutes.  The district is very small in size and the width could be covered in 25-35 minutes’ walk. This place is easier for the tourists to stroll around.  The history of Srodmiescie deep rooted as it houses many of the oldest edifices of Poland

Best Places to Visit

State Archaeological Museum

This one of the famous landmarks in Srodmiescie, Warsaw.  The museum possesses collections of various archaeological detections that portray local history and culture.  It has Europe’s ironic album of materials related to prehistoric flint mining.

Cathedral Basilica of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

This is a Gothic church.  The interiors are subjective to the baroque style.  The church has witnessed many significant events in the history which includes many royal weddings, coronations and the royal funerals.

Branicki Palace

The original palace was burnt down in 1939 and was rebuilt in 1967.  The palace is closed for the general public.  The exteriors of the palace is a must see for the lovers of structural design.

When to visit Srodmiescie

The winters are very cold with reasonable amount of snow.  Hence, summer is the best time to visit Srodmiescie.  You can have a great time if you visit during the months of May, June and August.  It is better to have goodsun protection and a water bottle in hand during these months as the weather in Srodmiescie is hot.

Shopping in Srodmiescie

Exploring the route to Srodmiescie

Getting to Srodmiescie from Warsaw is very easy.You can board a local train or a bus to get into the district.  The Local train to Srodmiescie parts from the S3 SKM terminal and the bus line 175 is linked from the airport to the district.

Best Lodges to Halt

Hostel Helvetia

If you are looking out for a budget place to halt, then this will prove to be the best place.  This is very close to the University of Warsaw.

Mercure Warszawa Grand

This medium range hotel is located in a peaceful location amidst the important government offices, also this is closer to most of the spots of touristic attention.

Hotel Bristol

This splurge hotel is a best place to stay in Srodmiescie, if you want to experience a historic courtesy.  Many celebrities of different eras have stayed here.It is on the royal route and close to many places of historic allure.

best places to eat in Srodmiescie

Best Places to Have a Meal in this City


This is a chain of milk bar, where food is available at a reduced rate.  The cuisine is also homely with simple décor.  This is one of the best places to eat in Srodmiescie.

Chłopskie Jadło

Traditional Polish food is available here.  Soups are served with bread besides a free smalec.


If you are planning to eat in one of the best restaurants in Srodmiescie, then you should definitely try here.  It is located in the Łazienki Park.

Things to do in Srodmiescie

You could buy a lot of boutiques from the tourist centers. Shopping in Srodmiescie's Indoor malls could be fun as most malls have movie theatres, games and restaurants included inside.The largest stores of Śródmieście are Tesco and Carrefour, you could get anything at an economical price here.

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