Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

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Synonymous with high end gambling, showgirls and eccentric parties, Vegas has always been popular as a bachelor/ bachelorette party destination. But beyond all the flashy glitz of this (in)famous Sin City, lies a more real town, which has preserved its past and natural environment. Let us take you through some of the common and uncommon activities that you can do on your Vegas trip this time.

las vegas casinos

Las Vegas is most famous for its legendary casinos. We recommend you to buy yourself a guide before you head to a casino. For engaging in some best table games and poker, head to Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio or Golden Nugget.  For slots or video poker, head to the Palms. For a look into vintage Vegas casinos, try Gold Coast or Circus Circus.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign:
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign

This sign, erected in 1959, is a beacon of what Vegas stands for: Bright, neon, retro and kitsch. This is the first thing you will see as you enter Vegas. The colorful design is crowned by a neon starburst and rimmed by gold chasing lights. You will find this sign used on many gifting products and souvenirs available here.

Neon Museum:

Neon Museum

This museum displays some of the oldest signages and screens used to light up Vegas in the older times. Only some among these 200 vintage collectibles are fully functioning. Among the colorful old relics are the 1955 sign from the Moulin Rouge, and the 1958 Stardust sign. Visit this in the evenings.

Symphony Park:
Symphony Park

The main attraction of this park is the huge fence like sculpture called “Pipe Dream”. Created by local artist Tim Bavington, it’s a visual representation of composer Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” with each colored pipe representing a different note.

Shark Reef Aquarium:
Shark Reef Aquarium

The exhibit at this aquarium allows you to dive with exotic species of sharks. You also have opportunity to feed sharks, stingrays and turtles. This space is home to unique preserved sea creatures and over 2000 animals such as giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish and the rare golden crocodile.

Wedding Chapels:
Wedding Chapels

Say your wedding vows in one of the most iconic wedding chapels in Vegas. There are options of a theme wedding, adventure wedding and romantic wedding. Some of these Chapels such as the Little Church of the west and Viva Las Vegas have also hosted famous celebrity weddings. 

Hiking at Goldstrike Canyon:
Hiking at Goldstrike Canyon

For the more outdoorsy, this hike down Colorado River and back up is an experience which should not be missed. Get a fantastic view of the expanse of nature, while climbing fixed ropes anchored into gigantic boulders. Relax in natural hot springs near the river.

Kayak Trips:
Kayak Trips

Take a day long kayak trip on Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Black Canyon. Find secret caves and hidden water bodies. Paddle through Emerald Cave, and you will find natural hot springs.

Shop at Retro Vegas:  
Shop at Retro Vegas

Opened in 2008, this store has everything that related to old time kitschy Vegas. It is full of vintage art, lighting and mid-mod furnishings and accessories. Their collection keeps changing, and they also have relics from some of the oldest houses in Vegas. A part of their store also has vintage clothing and accessories. They also rent out certain products and have a varied price range.

Downtown Container Park:
Downtown Container Park

As the name suggests, this indie complex is made from more than 40 shipping containers. This complex consists of exclusive local shops, bars and restaurants that sell convincingly priced local work, whiskey bars and Mexican food joints. You will also find an event stage and a kids’ play area.

Battista’s Hole in the Wall:
Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Opened in 1970, Battista’s still maintains its kitschy retro feel with retro red leather booths and bedecked with wine barrels and other curios.  The specials on the menu are four-cheese lasagna and chicken parmigiana. The food is reasonably priced and served with free house wine. They have been proud hosts to starts like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

We hope you like our little finds in this glorious, fun city. So go on, have a fantabulous time, because “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

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