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Thailand is an amazing land where Hindu, Lao, Burmese and Cambodian cultures intermingle to create a colourful diaspora. Every nook and corner is a testament to how the people have imbibed these cultures in a peaceful manner. There is no clash of ideologies or religion. Everything has blended seamlessly to form a unified Thai culture. It is also a combination of modernism and tradition.

They might wear Hermes and Louis Vuitton but they greet each other with folded hands and bowed heads. They have kept pace with the world and have emerged as a popular tourist destination. Yet they have preserved their identity and still light joss sticks at the altars everyday, morning and evening. A visit to Thailand reminded me that to be modern does not mean to give up your values and traditions. To be truly modern it to adapt to the changing times while honouring your past. And that is why I feel that Thailand is an amazing country.

Important Landmarks

To truly explore any country you must have a lot of time on your hands. However as tourists we can spare not more than 3 or 4 days and that means a whirlwind tour of the most important landmarks of the region. As you land in Bangkok you start with a countdown of things you must accomplish in a matter of days. Having spent almost 10 days in Thailand I still feel as if I have explored merely 10% of what the country has to offer. However even the local taxi drivers were surprised that we were spending 10 whole days in Bangkok. They would wonder why. And I would wonder why not. A conservative estimate puts the number of Wats as more than 20. Each Wat is a work of art. Beautiful architecture, serene atmosphere, religious and pious. It is a treat to visit each one of them.

Bangkok Street Food

Bangkok street food is amazing. The hawkers start putting up their stalls since 5 in the morning. Everything is done in a very neat and hygienic manner. This is a total contrast to our Indian way of dealing with street food culture. We litter the very place we stand and eat. The vendor uses the spot as an instant garbage disposal system. The cooks do not wear any gloves or caps. There are no dustbins in sight. It is a sad and messy sight in India. In stark contrast in Thailand once the vendor wheels away his cart after finishing his business you will not know that a food cart was there minutes ago. The spot is neat and clean. Even the simplest of vendors wears gloves on his hands. The food is handed over in neat packets. The refuse is instantly stashed away in bins. And before leaving the vendor meticulously cleans the area of the littlest litter.

A land of polite and humble people, of an astounding variety of street food, of temples , of an ancient culture, of folded hands and pleasant smile, of an amazing shopping experience. How many more reasons does one need to visit Thailand.

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