Best Outdoor Activities in Dubai

UAE or the United Arab Emirates is situated at the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. Oman lies on its east and Saudi Arabia to the south. The country shares a sea boundary with Qatar and Iran. The capital of this country in Abu Dhabi. For the past 42 years, the country has been a leading tourism destination. It is a country for the luxurious class where they can shop and get themselves entertained. Various famous tourist destinations are there which are worth seeing.

Running a Bike in Mud

If you are fond of bike riding then you can consult certain companies in UAE who conducts a special dirt biking game. You can opt for a half day fun or even for a four day package. It is usually conducted in the secluded areas of UAE and Oman. This is among the best UAE outdoor activities. Tourists seeking adventure can try this one out.

Jet Skiing

It does not matter whether you are experienced or trying it out for the first time. Dubai is the appropriate place for water skiers. The lukewarm water of the Gulf and the dazzling sunlight makes a perfect atmosphere for adventure seekers to ski.

Desert Safari

If you are in Dubai then do not miss the desert safari. You can ask your tour planner to arrange a car for you that will take you to the desert to show you their driving skills in the desert area. After a ride of around 90 minutes your car will be parked so that you can enjoy the setting sun in the desert. This is an eye catching scenery. The fun is not yet over. After this eye gleaming activity you will be taken to the camps where an arrangement will be made for a BBQ and belly dancers. Spending a night in the desert will be a lifetime experience for you.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit UAE is between Septembers and may. Temperatures during this period decreases but humidity still retains in the air. Rains pour between December and March. Rains last for a short period of time. Some winters even pass by without any rainfall.

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Between March and September weather in UAE is very warm. It becomes unbearable for any humans to survive without an air conditioner. The temperature goes up to 40 degrees during the day between these months. Relative humidity also accompanies increased temperatures. Temperatures begin to decrease between Septembers and May. It stays around 24 degrees during these months. There is nothing called a winter month in the UAE.

General Costs

Buses and cars are always available to everyone. Taxi fare is cheap as compared to bus fares. Buses take you to your proper destination like any tourist spot. Alongside that ferries and metro service can also be availed by a tourist. Cars can be hired against pay. From the airport, all kinds of transport facilities can be availed by a tourist. Cost of transportation in UAE is averagely priced.


Arabic is the official language of the country. English is spoken in most of the work places. According to a 2013 population report, the total population of the country is nearly around 9.2 million. Out of which 104 million are Emirati citizens and 7.8 million are expatriates. The religion of the country is Islam. The official currency is   UAE Dirham (AED).

Visa & Passport Requirement

Australian, British, Canadian, other UE and USA citizens are provided with a free visa of 30 days. After that they would have to renew their visa if they want to stay in UAE for some days more. Whereas residents of all the other countries have to pay a charge depending on the number of days that they plan to stay in UAE.

Health and Safety

Safety lies in your own hands. UAE is a very safe place for tourists. If you want to roam around in the country at any hour of the day or night then you can do that even. It cannot be denied that there are some anti-western groups. But due to the increasing number of western tourists visiting the country every year, there is a low risk of them getting attached. Also, the UAE has a peace relation with all the western countries. Always keep your passport and visa along with you. Grab the local police number from your hotel staffs so that you can call up the police if you need to. Do not worry if you get ill. There are super multi-specialty hospitals in UAE with the worlds leading doctors to look after you.

Customs and Etiquette

Etiquette and Customs in the UAE serve a special role in maintaining the rules and regulations. As we all know this is an Islamic country. Most people don’t drink in this country. But due to the growing number of tourists thronging the country every year restaurants and night clubs do keep drinks. You should drink till you can handle yourself. Unconventional and alien behavior will not be tolerated by the authorities.

Women should take proper care of their dressing sense. They should make it a point as not to wear anything with bare shoulders and feet. Modest dressing is appreciated. Take good care if you are visiting a mosque. Hands, feet, and head should be properly covered with an article of clothing when you visit a mosque. Men, on the other hand, should also avoid shirts and sleeveless t-shirts. Showing of the body is strictly prohibited in this country.