Can Social Media Replace Email Marketing?

In today’s marketing world, social media have certainly come a long way. It is now being vastly used by businesses and services of all sizes as a tool for online marketing and customer relationship building. This has raised many questions about the importance of email marketing, which used to be the most prominent tool for online marketing before social media became much popular and widely used.
The question is, can Social Media replace Email marketing? The answer is an absolute no. There are several reasons why social media cannot replace email campaigns in today's world, in spite of being so hyped about. A few of them are listed below.

Emails are Much More Personal than Social Network Platforms

In any form of business, be it B2B or B2C, communication about offers, promotions, and updates via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms makes the nature of communication impersonal. Publishing a post on your Facebook page is addressed to the public in general. Whereas, in the case of emails, you can approach individual target customers. This drives much more attention to the email’s content. This is considered to provide better results and outcomes. Personalized emails are said to improve your CTR by 14% and total sale conversions by almost 10%.

More Effective than Social Network Platforms

The primary purpose of business to be online is to gain new customers and to retain the current ones. Many people use Facebook as their marketing platform because of its popularity and think that it is an ideal platform for acquiring customers. However, studies prove that emails are more effective in attracting new customers than social networks. It has been found out that marketing through emails is almost 40% more effective than marketing on social networking platforms. It accounts for being the channel which drives the maximum conversions.

Better Chances of Being Seen

Irrespective of the fact that Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform with a massive population, the chances of your message being noticed or seen is less. Running an ad on Facebook for a certain target audience does not assure that all the users within the target will get to see the ad. This may also happen with email messages, but the chances of emails being seen are five times more than on Facebook or any other social networking platform.

Very much alive, still!

It is thought that subscribers do not check or read their emails regularly anymore. This is not at all true. Studies have proved that around 57% of email subscribers spend from 10 to 60 minutes browsing their emails, every week. Although social network users spend more time on the various platforms, the recent Facebook update makes users see less of posts and updates from the business pages. Apart from this, surveys conducted on customers state that most of the people prefer receiving marketing messages on emails, rather than on Facebook or any other social media.

In today's world of business, emails certainly plays a pivotal role in the implementation of any kind of online marketing plan or strategy. However, the importance of marketing through emails does not lower the worth of social media marketing. Though the importance of Social media in marketing can never be underestimated, the clear winner is the email marketing.