Development Cost for General and Business iPhone Apps

iPhone is regarded as the leader of the Smartphone marketplace because it offers unvarying expansion and contributions in technology, and also because of its bendable efficacy features. With all its exclusive features similar to that in a personal computer, people have started preferring this smartphone mobile rather than carrying along tablets and laptops.
This has also led to the increasing demand of iPhone apps development both in the general sectors as well as the business sector. The question arises here; how much does an iPhone app development cost? The answer differs in terms of what needs to be developed – a general iPhone app or a business iPhone app.

General iPhone App Development Cost

Research conducted in the year 2010 show that the total budget needed to develop a simple iOS application would cost around $35,000 USD, and would take approximately two months timeframe; while, developing a high-end application based on iOS platform such as an iPhone game would cost around $200,000 or even more, and would at least take a quarter of the year for coding, debugging, designing and overall testing.

General iPhone development talks about developing application used by end consumers and can be purchased from the Apple apps store. Few popular general iPhone apps include Zen Bound 2; Fring; TuneIn Radio; Rubik’s Cube; GunRange Free; iMovie; and N.O.V.A.

Business iPhone App Development Cost

Several surveys were performed on IT professionals including iOS developers, cross-platform developers, web developers and IT project managers in the year 2013 with regards to the costs related to the development of iPhone business apps. More than 50 percent of these professionals claimed that such applications talk nearly three months to develop, and costs around $50,000 USD or more. The rest reports that the costs would sum up to approximately $100,000 USD or more for developing a typical business app based on the iOS platform.

Few surveys that were conducted back in the year 2011 also described the costing associated with developing a business iPhone application. Three complexity levels were categorized in business application development, and were justified with three different price structures. For a simple application for business use, the development cost would be close to $50,000 USD; for a medium app, the cost would be approximately $100,000 USD; and for a highly complex iOS application, the development cost would run over $150,000 USD.

Few popular enterprise iOS platform applications include Facebook; LinkedIn; Hootsuite; WordPress; Foursquare; Twitteriffic; MySpace; YouTube; Mashable; and StumbleUpon.