Email Marketing Strategies for Getting More Traffic to Your Website

Email marketing is one among the various marketing strategies. As the name suggests, it is nothing but marketing via email. This type of cost effective marketing strategy is used by small, medium and large businesses.  This type of marketing is carried out with the help of email marketing tools by sending emails to potential customers to foster the sales of a particular product or service.

Email campaigns can be effective and successful with careful design of emails. Engaging content, appealing layout, aesthetic visuals, and easy-to-browse simple emails will definitely serve the purpose. End of the day, email campaigns are for more customer engagement. And, for a maximum reach of the campaign, let’s ponder on a few tools and techniques.

Here are Some Effective use of such tools and techniques will result in better reach of Emails and Increased Traffic.

Viral E-book:

Creating e-books on various interesting and beneficial topics is an effective way to increase traffic. These e-books must be on very useful topics, written by a good writer so that they will be circulated and become viral. They must be easily downloadable and the format can preferably be PDF. With more e-books leading to your website, traffic will boost and lead to higher sales.

Follow up Emails:

Follow up emails are an efficient way to make your potential customers become actual customers.  By persistently and continuously sending follow up emails to the target group, there is more chance to turn them into real customers.

Social Media Campaign:

Social media campaigning is another way to increase traffic and generate sales effectively. The first and foremost requirement for marketing via email is to procure email addresses of potential customers. This is possible by conducting contests and sweepstakes in social media and requesting for email addresses when the target group enters.

RSS Feeds and Pop ups:

Create an RSS subscription button on your website for returning customers. This can be easily done using platforms like WordPress. Pop up subscription to newsletters is another way to increase traffic. Give reasons as to how your newsletters will benefit the subscribers. This will increase the number of subscriptions and in turn increase traffic.

Subject Line:

Making the subject line irresistible and catchy is very important. Short, to the point subject line, does a great job in increasing traffic.

Personalizing Emails:

Sending out personalised emails with names of the subscribers helps a lot. The emails should stand out from the other emails in the inbox.


Email segmentation based on target groups is necessary. This will reduce the number of unsubscribers and will increase the number of readers. This is possible using MailChimp, Wishpond Social Contact Database etc.


Optimise the emails so that it can be viewed using any device- phones, iPod, laptops etc. This is because various users use various devices to check emails. This makes optimization vital. The emails should be in a format that is compatible with any device.

Call To Actions:

Make it clear to the reader what you are expecting them to do. Your blog post link should be easily spotted for the reader to click it. Making coloured CTA buttons is an option. MailChimp, Fusion etc. are a few newsletter formatting sites that help in creating CTA buttons.


Check the click rates constantly. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to analyze website traffic.

Email Services Providers:

There are many Email Service providers (ESPs) who help in marketing services. A few cheap and budget friendly service providers who assist in providing email marketing tools to increase traffic and boost sales are, Mailget, Moosend, Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, Zoho Campaigns, Constant Contact, Campaigner, CakeMail and GetResponse.

With the right mix of tools and techniques, an email campaign can definitely fetch the desired results.

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