The Big Mistake You're Making with Email Marketing

Email marketing has proved its worthiness for promoting businesses. However, not all the marketers get an equally delightful outcome. What brings such differences in the results of the email campaigns? In the opinion of the experts, in a majority of cases, the difference in outcome is due to some mistakes on the part of the marketers. Hence, it is really important that you find out that common mistakes a marketer may tend to make when it comes to Email Marketing.

The Big Mistake You're Making with Email Marketing

Your mail do not feature a mobile friendly design

In contemporary times, mobile devices are the main connecting tools to the web domain. Hence, you should ensure that your email design is mobile responsive. It implies, the email should automatically resize itself, depending on the width of the screen of the device that the viewer is using. Likewise, readers should find the buttons functional. You should only use those email templates that are mobile responsive. If the email template is not mobile-responsive, it is most likely that the email is ignored by the recipient.

You tend to ignore A/B testing

A/B testing enables you to develop two subject lines and send them randomly to your list. The email platform will oversee the send and determine the most suitable subject line. This way, you can test whether if the subscribers prefer witty subject lines, hardcore sales or appealing terms like sale and deal. To minimize the duplication of works, marketers tend to refrain from A/B testing. However, the outcome is always negative. Hence, it is for your own benefit that you should compulsorily conduct the A/B testing. This way, you can pick those subject lines that appeal the most and hence, recipients will always read your email.

Using an email address with “No Reply”

When you give the name “No reply” to your marketing email ids, it reduces the human touch and sounds completely mechanical. Recipients would always love to interact with humans and not with mailboxes. Hence, you should always give a human name to your marketing emails.  It will keep the path of interaction between you and your customers. Using an email address by the name of “No Reply” can be gravest of the mistakes.

You are shooting the emails without undergoing test

If you are doing it, you are nailing your own coffin. Before you send the emails to your list, send the same email to one of another email id and give it a reading from the recipient email id. This way, you can find out how exactly the recipients would find your email. In case you find some mistakes or issues in the email, you will still have the chance to edit the draft. Making mistakes in a mass email campaign is no joke. So, it's always a better idea to test before an email campaign.

You are not Reviewing Analytics

It is important that you maintain adequate analytical reports for the outcome of your email campaigns. This will enable you to find out the areas of concern, suggestions from customers, request for new products etc. Such analytics will enable you to serve the customers better. If you see that a good count of recipients is opposing some aspect of the email, analyse the points to find out the point of concern and apply corrective measures on a war footing basis. This will give a message that you respect the voice of the customers. Less or no importance to analytics may adversely affect the reach and success of such Email campaigns.

Quite a lot of email marketers commit such mistakes. Taking care not to make these mistakes will enable a successful Email marketing that translates to successful business expansion.

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